A Letter to TAM From Backspaces Social Media App

backspaces While Instagram scrambles to instill faith in their following, as some users seek other photo sharing apps, we here at TAM want you to be informed about where you are going. Here is an insight on the company Backspaces from one of their founders, Adrian Sanders…

By Co-Founder of Backspaces Adrian Sanders

It started off with this: http://backspac.es/r/I4Vf3xmwlC 


Backspaces is a simple iPhone app that lets you put words and pictures together to share a story. It is also a platform that aims to sustain and support creators. We’re been big fans of YouTube and their monetization strategy. They help creative people build valuable things and also help them make money. That is our goal with Backspaces: You create, your build, you share, you benefit…

And then this happened: http://backspac.es/r/RMFtzdMHvT



This whole Instagram thing isn’t about their Terms and Conditions. Those change all the time. It’s about trust. When you don’t feel like you trust a platform, why would you spend time and energy creating value there? Our terms are very similar to Instagram’s. The key difference is that we know how we want to make money, and we know that our community is the essential part of that.

Let me be explicitly clear, and I’ll just quote from our terms:
“Backspaces will never enter into an agreement with a third party through which it will directly profit from the above uses of your Public Content through advertising sales, marketing sales or any other method of sub-licensing, redistribution or similar means, WITHOUT YOUR EXPLICIT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. Backspaces promises to always allow you the opportunity to first opt-out from such uses of your Public Content.”

If there’s money to be made on your content, you’re gonna see a big chunk of it. It’s time to build a better platform and share a better vision of the internet. And honestly, it is pretty simple: help each other to prosper, work together to build something better, share in the value created. You know… like what America is supposed to stand for.

To closing the night like this: http://backspac.es/r/iKCE7j0BIT


I can’t think of a better group to start building Backspaces with than the tattoo community. It takes a group of industrious and creative people who can’t stand bullshit to make good things. That’s what I’m seeing on our platform right now: Creative people excited to start over and build something better.

We have such a long way to go. And I think you guys nearly killed Dmitri, my co-founder and engineer, but we are doing our damnedest to keep the servers running. If you want to know just how powerful your community is take a look at Backspaces in the App Store under Photo & Video. We’re ranked in the top 10 past Photoshop, Cinemagram, Vimeo, and others. In one day, you helped us grow 600%.

What now? Help us make it grow.

Things are crazy right now but we’ll iron everything out. Thanks for your patience. And I look forward to working WITH you all to make Backspaces the right type of creative community online.

Visit Backspaces here: http://backspac.es/

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