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nicki-kasper-profile-1By Nicki Kasper
Oh what a night… The TCM launch party was more than any of us could have asked for. We wanted to celebrate all the work and effort we’ve put into this project and really blow it up for the people who showed up to support us. I think it’s safe to say that no one left disappointed… 

The party was held at The Graveyard and The Basement in Atlanta on January 10th, and we were fortunate enough to have seven amazing music acts perform for us that night. Upstairs at The Graveyard, Ricky Raw hosted the event and we had music by Bro Safari, Treasure Fingers, HPNTK, and Natasha Fox. Down in The Basement, we rocked out to True Widow, Bigfoot, and Six Shot Revival. After a couple of beers, it was hard for me not to shake it
In-between sets, we were able to give away some of the amazing prizes that have recently been donated to TCM. Some of our lucky guests left with art prints, tattoo machines, art books, flash sets and t-shirts. Special thanks to Workhorse Irons, Scott Harrison, Justin Hartman, Johannes, and Sullivan Giles for all the prizes. And a huge thanks to our sponsors, Steadfast Brand, Sullen, Tattoo Fight Club, H2Ocean, The Graveyard, The Basement and Razorblade Tattoo Supply for helping us make it happen!
We packed the house that night, and even had a few friends make it out to celebrate with us; Oliver Peck, Myke Chambers, Russ Abbott, and Kelly Doty all made it out along with hundreds of Atlanta area tattooers and tattoo enthusiasts.
tcm-launch-1 tcm-launch-7
THANK YOU to all of you who made our launch party a success! We couldn’t have done it without all the support, and we look forward to our next reason to celebrate. Anniversary party, anyone? Hmmm…

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One thought on “Tattoo Culture Magazine: Launch Party Time

  1. Wow! What a great party! (And this coming from a notorious introvert who didn’t have a single drink until closing time.)

    Thanks so much to EVERYONE who showed up to celebrate the release of the TCM Project, particularly Olliver Peck and Myke Chambers, who each came to town on their own dime to show their support! Not to mention Russ Abbott, Kelly Doty, Kevin Cook, Mikey Jenkins, Jason Kelly, Tim McGrath, Ryan Weaver, Phil Colvin, Jett, and a slew of other local area tatters, crews, and collectors of ALL OF THEM!

    Also, thanks to our sponsors and all the kick-ass bands and DJs! True Widow rocked it and Bigfoot blew me away, (my first time seeing them live!)

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