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Archive for January 18, 2013

Melissa Fusco: A Common Bond

melissa-fusco-0By Melissa Fusco
Welcome artists, collectors and spectators! I would like to first say ‘thank you’ to Tattoo Artist Magazine for inviting me to do a monthly contribution to their new TAM Blog. I am honored to be apart of this project and hope to help shed some new light on this dynamic industry from my perspective. I am writing to you in-flight from Denver, Colorado where I was visiting one of my resident studios, Godspeed Ink Tattoo located in Breckenridge, Colorado…  (more…)

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Jon Garber
Fifth Estate Tattoo
Gilbert, AZ
jon-garber-1 jon-garber-2 jon-garber-3 jon-garber-4 jon-garber-5