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Alex de Pase Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #33 Interview Preview

(Interview by Jeff Gogué) Jeff Gogué: So you started the Worldwide Tattoo Conference. Can you explain what that is? Alex de Pase: When I thought about the Worldwide Tattoo Conference, I thought about what’s really needed in the tattoo industry. There are many kinds of conventions but I would like to something where you could exchange experiences and exchange knowledge with the best tattoo artists in my opinion. I think when you tell your story people can understand much more than they can by just watching you work. That’s why I thought about the Worldwide Tattoo Conference being different from the normal seminars. I wanted to bring the artists together and have the audience listen to them. In this way you can exchange more ideas and you can have more input. When I saw the feedback of the people who went to Chicago or Rome it made me very proud and very happy. My hair stood up like this because these people really kept what I had in mind before I started the Worldwide Tattoo Conference… Read More »

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