Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Update: New Pop-Up Store Opening

atm-logoDear Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Supporters & Blue Boners,
Thanks to your support we are happy to announce the opening of a new pop-up store by the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum on the 28th of February. You’re most welcome to attend this event from 4-7 pm at the van Woustraat 78 in Amsterdam. In the shop we sell a wide range of tattoo (related) books and gifts and Henk Schiffmacher, Danny Boy, Chris Danley and Yushi Takei will be tattooing here as well. Of course we will host a bunch of great guest artists like we did in the old museum…

Meanwhile we’re still struggling to get our collection out of the museum. The “financier” Jeannette Seret is bankrupt and should leave the museum soon. Today there was a meeting with the board of the museum and the curator and it is looking good. But we’ve had good news before and nothing happened so we keep our fingers crossed. Unfortunately lot of the money donated by you has gone to the lawyers…

You haven’t heard a lot from us lately and this is mainly due to the uncertain circumstances. We have not been able to enter the museum and get our stuff out. It got quite ugly and there was nothing we could do. Her lawyers are watching every step we make, so we have to be careful with social media. Another important fact is that Louise Schiffmacher is very ill, so Henk puts a lot of energy in the home-front. We all hope for the best of course. In January, there was a fundraising in Huntington Beach for Louise and a lot of tattooers contributed to this event. A big thank you to all of you guys!


All over the world there have been fundraisers for the museum. This has really touched our hearts! It’s great to know this family is so big and loyal. A big thank you from the whole crew here!

Please share this information with people who have been supporting the museum, we don’t have all the e-mail addresses and my laptop got stolen, so I am missing a lot of information. Thanks a lot for all the support and we hope to see you soon in Amsterdam!

Much love from the Dam,
Henk and Annemarie
Danny Boy, Tiziana, Chris & Yushi
Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Shop/Blue Bone Society
van Woustraat 78
1073 LP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 77 65 891

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