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atm-logoBy ATM/Blue Bone crew
The situation of the museum is still very complicated. The woman who was supposed to be our financier is bankrupt and there’s a curator now in the museum and they’re still figuring out who owns what. In the meantime we still cannot enter the museum or take the collection away. Every time they postpone the date the collection is to be released because of difficulties. However, it should last no longer than one month… 

Thanks to all the fundraising, individual people, but also big events all over the world, we could afford a lawyer. This is very important as we didn’t want to lose the collection because of legal matters. We expect to get the collection back at least, and that is the most important thing. And we could afford to start a new pop-up shop in honor of the museum. We have a great book selection and a tattoo gift shop. Our museum office is also in this location. Without the help of this great tattoo family, this could not have been possible. We realize this every day and are very grateful to all contributing! We still need financial support, as we still get bills from the lawyer and if we want to open up a new museum, we’ll have to raise a bunch to rent a new place, renovate, etc…


We have no direct contact with the company and the woman who threw us out of the museum. We don’t know how this legally works, but the police won’t let us enter either. It’s called “intrusion” and the person who rents the building doesn’t want you to come in has the rights to refuse you. The crazy situation now is that neither the owner of the building and the owner of the collection (Henk) are allowed in the building and the person who rents it but doesn’t pay her bills is allowed to stay there. Something about Dutch law…

We know a lot of people are wondering what the hell is going on and why they don’t hear anything anymore. The truth is, at some point we almost lost faith in ever getting the collection back. We were very confused and it was very hard to continue the fight. At that moment we couldn’t inform you, because we didn’t have a clue what was going on and were afraid we could only deliver really bad news. But thanks to all the support and love we received from you guys, we got the spirit back and have good hopes now! A very, very big thank you!!!


And people who donated, please send us your address and e-mail, we will eventually send you something from the Blue Bone Society as soon as we can enter the museum! info@amsterdamtattoomuseum.com.

If you’re in Amsterdam, please come and visit our shop: van Woustraat 78.
Much love and respect from the ATM/Blue Bone Society crew,

Henk, Louise, Annemarie, Chris, Danny Boy, Yushi and Tiziana

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Shop/Blue Bone Society
van Woustraat 78
1073 LP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 77 65 891

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  1. It’s been a long struggle, but it’s good to hear that you’re getting somewhere with this. The world would be a sadder place without ATM. I’ve put what i can afford into this and am proud of that. I wish you the best with it. Cheers all.

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