Dave Waugh: Work in Progress Session V (By Hunter Spanks)

By Hunter Spanks
It’s June 27, 2012 and we are finally back in Georgetown. Lizzy is back in the saddle for session five on her back with Dave Waugh.

It has been almost a year since session four and truth be told I still have not submitted part four to TAM yet (it is up now). So I have hopes that I will get both of these to them pretty quick (that didn’t happen). The banter with Dave is great. We talk about a recent trip to Niagara Falls and being grilled by the border patrol on the way back in and Lizzy and I making up stories about us meeting on Christian Singles or that she was a porn star and that I met her on her site. It is now 1:36 p.m. and the buzzing of the machine starts and session five is underway… 

As per usual starting with some black shade. Dave starts working on the left side about mid-way up the back just above the water. So far so good. The conversation turns to painful areas of the body to get tattooed. Most recently for me, my armpit… Needless to say, I only got it outlined.

Dave is adding details to the rocks on the left side making them look even more like the veiny penises that they are. Yes, Lizzy is a bit of a perv. That’s why I like her so much. Lizzy requests headphones for her iPhone. Music is pretty quiet in the shop today. She asks Dave if he has any ear buds? He replies no, besides you don’t know where they’ve been. She’s said, “Why do you use them as anal beads?” Then a requests comes through that one of the other artists has a pretty straight-laced female client coming in and can we tone the conversation down a bit… What? This is a tattoo shop…


Roughly 30 minutes into it Lizzy begins to sigh a bit. Let’s face it, tattoos hurt even with the help of things like Dr. Numb… Or I suck at applying it. Dave moves onto some green working on the foliage around the rocks. Dave lays in some opaque grey into the rocks giving them a very nice stone look and even takes time to crack a joke by dripping some white from the top of the one rock resembling a cock giving it a nice money shot look. Dave a true showman giving me some good photo-ops. The shop is quite quiet today, which isn’t helping Lizzy to find her zone. The Sword softly plays in the shop. Yes that sounds like an oxymoron; The Sword softly playing, but it is quite low on the speakers in the shop. Lizzy is really struggling to find her zone, they take their first break as Dave tells her that the backpiece is the biggest commitment anyone can do and that she should shut the fuck up. All in good humor of course. Break time and Dave pulls out the massage table.


The break is over and they are back to work. Lizzy is now laying down and judging by the subtle groans coming from her it still seems that she still has not found her zone and Dave breaks out the Dr. Numb in hopes of helping her discomfort. Dave works on a cloud area using some purples. Nestled in the cloud area is a castle resembling the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. Only difference is, they’re butt-plugs. Yes, like I said before, Lizzy is a perv. The conversation in the shop oddly enough is about Home Alone 2. You never know what might be brought up in the shop. After adding some blue tones to the clouds Dave starts working on the castle, first adding details with a liner. Lizzy seems to be handling this a bit better than she was with finishing up the clouds.


Dave works away on the castle, pausing only to bang his head to The Sword, which is now more audible in the shop. Lizzy, now seeming to have found her zone for the moment appears a bit more comfortable than before. Dave switches back to a shader so we will see if she will be able to maintain her zone, and the detailing of the castle with the liner is complete. Dave wipes her down with some Bactine and begins to lay in some magentas. Nirvana’s “Floyd the Barber” now rings throughout the shop along with the humming buzz of Dave’s machine. Dave pauses and again applies some more Bactine. After adding a bit more magenta in the castle Dave tells Lizzy they have maybe another have hour on the castle in which they decide to take a second break.


During the break Dave eats some pecan pie in which Lizzy wants a bite and Dave gives her one with some resistance and there is a debate on whether or not the session might be coming to a close and it seems that it might be over as Lizzy exclaims she has had enough.

Looks like the session is over and Lizzy says she will make an appointment for next month. So that’s all for now…


(Dave Waugh can be found at Jinx Proof Tattoo in Washington, DC)


(Hunter Spanks is a contributing blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine and is featured in TAM Issue #11. He currently works in Baltimore, MD at Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo.)

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