Sierra Colt: Ink Fusion

inkfusionartistsandcustomersphotobybearcattattoogalleryBy Sierra Colt
Four motivated artists, four trusting clients, and a little favor from the tattoo gods. Ink Fusion is a new creation from Bearcat Tattoo Gallery in San Diego, CA. The idea is to take four willing clients and four artists all trusting of each other and do four separate collaboration pieces all at the same time… 

In the respect to true art each artist pulls their fusion concept out of a hat filled with ideas. Three pulls a piece and each artist creates a loose sketch with those ideas.


So the technical aspect is the part that might need explaining. Each tattoo artist lays down an outline on their beginning customer. At one hour the artists get up and rotate to the next booth and new client. Over the next hour the tattooists will add their creativity and personal touches to the new piece. Then rotate again. Four rotations bring them back to our original customer where they can do final highlights and details.


The end result is four amazing collaboration tattoos and four very lucky customers.


I came up with the concept as a way to push the creativity in our normal tattoo environment. A collaboration like this makes you pull from all your creative ideas and designs on the fly. You immediately have to adapt to a new booth, customer and tattoo design every hour. I believe we force ourselves to shine when pulled out of our comfort zone. When moving to someone else’s design you feel this great pressure to be extremely creative and technically perfect.


You know that all the artists in the collaboration will be tattooing right next to your work so scrutiny is definitely in the air. To do a project like this it’s really important to have like-minded artists with similar ability.


It’s amazing to see each piece evolve over the hours. When you get back to your original piece it is definitely a whole different tattoo. This is the part where your ego is dropped and you embrace and enjoy the other artists’ vision. We’ve done two separate ink fusions and so far have had some amazing results. I’m looking forward to our next.

Artists: Sierra Colt, Chad Whitson, Alonzo Villa, Greg Bartz

Clients: Nima Etemadia, Eric Scott Curtis, Matthew Heinz, Dan Marganski

Sierra Colt and crew can been found at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery.

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