Variety: It Hurts So Good at ‘Tattoo Nation’ Premiere Opens Today 4/4/13

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Skin artwork was not a sign of rebellion but camaraderie at the L.A. preem of D&E’s doc “Tattoo Nation” on March 28.

“There’s just such great soul in these tattoo artist, and then if you have the talent, pass it on!” tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy said before the Arclight screening.

Actor Danny Trejo, whose tattoos include a family portrait of his children on his back, gets asked a lot about his ink: “People ask me if my tattoos have hindered my career. I say, ‘For the first five years of it.’ I played inmate number one. The only thing I heard the director say was ‘Danny, take off your shirt.’ “

But with all this talk about tattoos, pain has to come to mind. For tattoo artist Freddy Negrete, it comes down to decisiveness.


“It hurts less for somebody who really knows what they want and is ready to get it,” said Negrete. “Somebody that’s unsure or is under peer pressure, their tattoos seem to hurt a little bit more. But when you want that tattoo, it doesn’t hurt that bad.”

Hardy, Trejo and Negrete all appear in the doc, directed by Eric Schwartz.

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