Larry Brogan: How to Throw an Opening Party

Courtesy of Larry Brogan and Tattoo City
I thought I would send some info about our Grand Opening of my Tattoo City and Flower of Life Art Gallery located at 1601 State Street in Lockport, Illinois. Over two hundred people, including the mayor of Lockport, various city officials and reporters from the Lockport Legend newspaper. Friends traveled from far and wide, from Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and even Canada, to share in the occasion… 

Our debut art show was titled “Man’s Best Friend,” a family pet themed group event, featuring artwork in many mediums created by national and international artists such as James Kern, Stefano Alcantara, Josh Fields, Darrin White, Alvin Chong, Matthew Lukesh, Thea Duskin, Barb Brown, Chucho Rz, Megan “Verb” Kargher, Manos Athitakis, Larry Brogan, Jeremiah McCabe, Joe Slejza, Judy Parker, Canyon Webb, Benjamin Duarte, Sean Meraw, Kyle Staub, Jamie MacKay, Eddie Parsley, Keith Winterbottom, Scott Bramble, Josh Fields, Steven Middleton, Jessica Ann, George Zabala and Andi Jane Bolz.
The art gallery’s share of the proceeds, as well as most of the artist’s share from a charity art auction, will be donated to the All Herding Breed Dog Rescue of Illinois. People can take part in the online auction at and it runs until May, 12th 2013.
Jessica WeichersTattoo _City_Grand_Opening_April_13_2013 (56)
Our history begins in when artist Larry Brogan opened up the original location of Tattoo City at 14508 Archer Ave. in Lockport on June of 1994. Since that time the shop has grown into a world-famous destination tattoo studio, drawing clients from all over the world. The Flower of Life Art Gallery will host painting seminars throughout the year taught by accomplished artists from around the country.
Tattoo station
We are currently working on obtaining sponsorship through various art supply companies in order to get supplies enough that we can offer painting classes to local school children free of charge. Many of the schools in our area no longer offer an art program and we hope our classes can provide a stepping stone into a more creative and artistic world for them.
Tattoo _City_Grand_Opening_April_13_2013 (47)Tattoo _City_Grand_Opening_April_13_2013 (69)
The new tattoo shop houses five artists: Jessica Weichers, Chucho Rodriguez, George Zabala, Steven Middleton and, of course, Larry Brogan.
Tattoo_City_and_Flower_of_Life_Art_Gallery_Larry_Brogan_1601_State_Street_Lockport_IL (82)

(Larry can be found at Tattoo City and Flower of Life Art Gallery in Lockport, IL.)

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