Update: Richard Stell Benefit This Saturday June 15th

richard-stell-1Richard Stell recently suffered a heart attack and has been diagnosed with heart disease. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for them as they are in the middle of opening their new shop Pair-O-Dice in Oklahoma. This event will be held June 15th, 2013. I’m asking tattooers from coast to coast to work a normal day on the 15th, and send those profits from that one day’s work as a donation to the Stell’s via PayPal. The donation PayPal is: RStellHeart@gmail.com… 

This way the donations will go directly to the Stell’s and I’m not the middle man or handling money.

So find a shop or a tattooer that is participating in this great benefit and get a great tattoo as well as helping one of the greats.

CONFIRMED tattooers and shops so far are:

Bart Bingham (N.Y. Adorned) • Chance Kenyon (Jack Browns Tattoo Revival) • Grady Spades (Jack Browns Tattoo Revival) • Kenny Brown (Jack Browns Tattoo Revival) • Greg Howell (Jack Browns Tattoo Revival) • Mike Tshirm (Jack Browns Tattoo Revival) • Johan Ulrich (Jack Browns Tattoo Revival) • Justin Lipuma (Jack Browns Tattoo Revival) • Donzo (Idol Time Tattoo) • Jake (Idol Time Tattoo) •Miykey Bauza (Gristle Tattoo) • Brittany Bauza (Gristle Tattoo) • Tyler Lunt (Triumph Tattoo) • Andrew Valenzuela (Triumph Tattoo) • Jason Freeman (Triumph Tattoo) • Chris Holloway (Triumph Tattoo) • Justin Shaw (Faith Tattoo) • Max May (Faith Tattoo) • Andy Chism (Faith Tattoo) • Jesse Swanson (Faith Tattoo) • Andy Sharpe (Faith Tattoo) • Nate Glomb (Faith Tattoo) • Danny Reed (Faith Tattoo) • Sage O’Connell (Urban Art Tattoo) • Noah Tanner • Mike Fite (Private Studio) • Jef Wright (Private Studio) • Ron Rash (Aces Tattoo) • Jake Griffin (Aces Tattoo) • Jared Isenberg (Aces Tattoo) • Kevin Cox (Aces Tattoo) • Rob Hiestand (Aces Tattoo) • Jason Fancher (Kustom Thrills Tattoo) • Carlos Perez (Royal Peacock Tattoo) • Ben Cheese (Everlasting Tattoo) • Weldon Lewis (Mr. Lucky’s) • Henry Rodriguez (Oddball Tattoo) • Heath Leffel (Hell Bomb Tattoo) • Steve Turner (Hell Bomb Tattoo) • Kevin Wathke (Hell Bomb Tattoo) • Matt Scanlan (Hell Bomb Tattoo) • Megan Shelton (Hell Bomb Tattoo) • Dave Wallin (8 of Swords Tattoo) • Sophie C’est La Vie (8 of Swords Tattoo) • Karen Glass (8 of Sword Tattoo) • Zoe Bean (8 of Swords Tattoo) • Betty Rose (8 of Swords Tattoo) • Krooked Ken (Black anchor Tattoo) • Shipwrecked Sean (Black Anchor Tattoo) • Jon McCann (Aces Tattoo) • Kelly Krantz • Doc Cooper (Saint Tattoo) • Corey Rogers (713 Tattoo) • Phil Duple • Mike Bolado (Absolute tattoo) • Chris Arredondo (Royal Peacock Tattoo) • Timothy Hoyer (Private Studio) • Joe Truck Kasher (Magic Cobra Tattoo) • Tree-Lisa Neal • Cody Holyoak (Aces Over Eights Tattoo) • Jimmy Bruce (Aces Over Eights Tattoo) • Eddie Gracida (El Loco tattoo) • Vinnie Bowring • Adam Cifferi (Auspicious Tattoo) • Nash (Velvet Monkey Tattoo) • Andy Davis (Stain Tattoo) • Jimmy Evans (Stain tattoo) • Donnie Wilkins (Stain Tattoo) • Jerad Shealey (Rabid hands Tattoo) • Jesse Mitchell (Royal Peacock Tattoo) • Ezra McCabe (Royal Peacock Tattoo) • Tony Gray (Royal Peacock Tattoo) • Tim Reasons (Royal Peacock Tattoo) • Brentwood (Royal Peacock Tattoo) • Butch Felix (Royal Peacock Tattoo) • Chris Ludovina (Royal Peacock tattoo) • Freddy Corbin (Temple Tattoo) • Jason McAffee (Temple tattoo) • Derek Noble (Lucky Devil Tattoo) • Jesse Roberts (Lucky devil Tattoo) • Eric Eye (Lucky Devil Tattoo) • Lynn Gosnel (Lucky Devil tattoo) • Heidi Sandhorst (Lucky Devil Tattoo) • UZI (OSF) • Sean Jackson (Legacy Tattoo) • Steve Trevino (Legacy Tattoo) • Shrek Matthews (Legacy Tattoo) • Jason sheffield (Legacy Tattoo) • Lucky (Legacy tattoo) • Warren Bell (Legacy Tattoo) • Johnny Fry (Unique Ink) • Zane Leibowitz (Unique Ink) • Casey Cokrlic (Fine Line Tattoo) • Geo Rogers (Quarter Horse Tattoo) • Ryan Gregg (Quarter Horse Tattoo) • Nick Ley (Saints & Sinners tattoo) • Caleb Barnhard (Saints & Sinners tattoo) • Adam Walsh (Saints & Sinners tattoo) • Enrique Bernal (Saints & Sinners tattoo) • An Phu (Saints & Sinners tattoo) • Carlos Truan (Saints & Sinners tattoo) • Johnny Bravaro (Evolution tattoo) • Vienna Cabrita (Evolution tattoo) • Ashly Hutchens (River City on Broad St.) • Tony Talbert (River City on Broad St.) • Max Wetzel (River City on Broad St.) • Meg McNiel (Love & Hate Tattoo) • Danny Ross (Love & Hate tattoo) • Tony Goeke (Love & Hate Tattoo) • Vince Aducci (Love & Hate Tattoo) • Levi Rivoire (Love & Hate Tattoo) • Djene Toure Lerma (Lifetime Tattoo Mexico) • Walter McDonald (Lifetime Tattoo CO) • Sky James (Lifetime Tattoo CO) • Little Joe (Lifetime Tattoo CO) • Big Joe (Lifetime Tattoo CO) • Aaron Coleman (Immaculate Tattoo) • Mando Rascon (Immaculate tattoo) • Tim Shelton (Still Life) • Opie Ortiz (Still Life) • Ratty Matty (Still Life) • Chris Winn (Still Life) • Ryan Tanton (American Graffiti) • RJ Hitchcock (American Graffiti) • Andy Campoy (American Graffiti) • Sam Drupiewski (American Graffiti) • Dax Brunet (Sanitary Electric Tattoo Co.) • Clayton James (Electric Oni) • Richard Quecke (Electric Oni) • Little Dave (True Tattoo) • Dougie Mittz (True Tattoo) • Karen Costleigh (True Tattoo) • Tyler Borich (True Tattoo) • Cam Randall (True Tattoo) • Tony Hundahl (Rock of Ages) • Steve Bryrne (Rock of Ages) • Oliver Peck (Elm St.) • Dean Williams (Elm St) • Mark Galvan (Elm St.) • Carl Hallowell (Elm St.) • Jennifer Billig (Brainstorm Tattoo) • Tim Martin (Brainstorm Tattoo) • Kevin Chasek (Iron Brush Tattoo) • Scott La Rock (Sideshow Signs) • Lee Hanna (Valhalla).

Anyone that is willing to participate please forward my information to other tattooers and shops who you think would be interested in participating…


Thank you and don’t forget to contact me: Jason Freeman Triumph Tattoo 241 West Second Street Reno, NV 89501 (775) 232-4484..
richard-stell-2 richard-stell-3 richard-stell-4

richard-stell-5 richard-stell-6  richard-stell-8


PayPal: RStellHeart@gmail.com

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