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Paul Dobleman: Psychedelic Stories from the Road

Paul Dobleman: Psychedelic Stories from the Road

Psychedelic s for webBy Paul Dobleman: Due to the fact I’ve been on the road, I haven’t had the chance to do a proper psychedelic story, so you are going to just have to hear one of mine…

I went to New York for the first time to work with all the great guys at Kings Ave, from there traveled on to do the Rome Convention with some great friends, and onto Amsterdam to work at the great Salon Serpent… We had no sleep arriving in Amsterdam partied all day and night and pretty much for the next 10 days straight. Took all kinds of elicit street drugs, and after an evening of MDMA decided to take some mushrooms, being so sleep deprived I just passed out…


I came to flying with these pigmy elephants, the whole roof of the apartment had come off, I crash-landed in one of the canals by the Red Light District, all these whores came to my rescue, everything was awesome and it was going to get even better…

I then woke up with all my clothes on, on the floor of my friends apartment still a little fuzzy from the shrooms, it was all over, the trip, the wonderful dream, and only the nausea and a headache remained…

Thanks to everyone on my travels, everyone who participated, see you next month…

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