Dave Waugh: Work in Progress Session VI (By Hunter Spanks)

By Hunter Spanks
1:41pm August 29, 2012 and Lizzy finds herself back in Georgetown at Jinx Proof Tattoo for the sixth session on her back piece by Dave Waugh. A mystical piece complete with unicorns, naked women, hidden cocks and butt plugs just to round things out. Dave prepares a message table as they harass each other in preparation for the session to start. I’m sure this is just to work out the nerves. At least on Lizzy’s part. Dave seems cool as a cucumber as always… 

Dave lays her down and begins to inspect some of her collection of tattoos she has acquired over the years. They have known each other for quite sometime now, but when you’re tattoo collection covers a good majority of your of your body such as Lizzy, it is easy to overlook a few. Especially in areas you might not see as often.

IMG_0924 IMG_0891 IMG_0906

Ten minutes to 2pm Dave kicks over his trash can, which ensures me he is ready to start. He exclaims he is going to “bring the thunder” and they are off and running.

IMG_0911 IMG_0918 IMG_0910

Today Dave will be working on the right side of her back. Starting on the rib area midway up her back. He starts working on background elements such as grass, water, and rocks laying in some black shading first. The shop is alive today with more people than usual when we have come for past sessions. Lizzy and Dave are both quiet as Dave quickly works with his shader. Detailing the rocks, which quickly makes them resemble a cluster of cocks.

IMG_0936 IMG_0950 IMG_0952

Well folks it only takes 22 minutes into the session and things start getting normal. By this I mean Dave and Lizzy are starting their normal banter between each other. Mostly on the topic of the reality show about the conjoined twin girls. This conversation really might be a bit much for some people to take and would make me blush if I had to write it down. I’m sure by that you get the point. So far so good. Lizzy is acting like she is not in too much pain, yet? These things can change quickly. Dave is working with opaque grays, still concentrating on the dick-shaped rocks on the right side.

IMG_0954 IMG_0959 IMG_0962

Finishing up the rocks with a bit of white highlights Dave moves on to the grass and foliage surrounding the rocks. He makes quick work of that area with a various blend of greens and moves on. Now working on an area of clouds right above. It’s hard to make out quite what color he is laying in there. In the skin it looks like an interesting mixture of deep blue and black mixed with some white. He lays it in the skin in a way that gives the clouds all the fluffy character that would be expected in a spectacular fantasy piece such as this.

IMG_0967 IMG_0974 IMG_0985

Right at an hour into the session and Dave has completed quite a bit of the background on the right side. It spans from the rib area midway up her back and now moving onto the shoulder. Areas being worked to completion from dark to light. Dave creeps a bit closer to the middle of the back still working on the clouds. Dave informs Lizzy that they are an hour into the session and that now would be as good as any for a short break. Dave wipes her down, inspects the work he has completed and lets Lizzy up for a stretch.

 IMG_0990 IMG_1000 IMG_1007

After a five minute break it’s back to work. No rest for the wicked. Dave now works on the the right shoulder. Starting with black shading in the darker ares of sky that is littered with planets and stars. Lizzy is now sitting up bent over a chair. Dave’s hand moves in swiftly in a small circular motion creating a dark, yet wispy mist of black in between the planets and stars. Dave has now laid in black in the background surrounding the planets and stars going across Lizzy’s entire upper back. Dave discusses with Lizzy what they might have left for today and they have determined that they are going to finish with working on the stars that litter the sky across her shoulder.

IMG_1008 IMG_1012 IMG_1026

Dave begins to work a canary-yellow in the stars, which doesn’t take very long at all. Dave asks Lizzy if she feels like going back into the castle? You remember the one that has striking resemblance to butt plugs floating in the clouds. Using a liner Dave begins to detail it with a greenish yellow highlight and glow that would make some say, “I want to go to there.”

IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1033

Dave’s attention to detail is impeccable. Dave tells Lizzy there are just a few more white highlights to go into the castle and they will call it a day. The session is rounding the two-hour mark and it seems they have made quite a bit of progress today finishing up most of the right side and bringing out the smallest of detail in the castle. Dave and Lizzy are happy with there progress today. After discussing the plan for the next session, they call it a day. Until next time…

(Dave Waugh can be found at Jinx Proof Tattoo in Washington, DC)


(Hunter Spanks is a contributing blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine and is featured in TAM Issue #11. He currently works in Baltimore, MD at Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo.)

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