Lessons From Ink Smith & Rogers: Week 2

By Deb Yarian


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In my last installment of Lessons from Inksmith and Roger’s week 1, I explain that I had the pleasure of sending my second son, Nick, having just finished up an apprenticeship at our family shop in Alaska, to the world famous Inksmith and Roger’s Tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida for what many would consider a chance of a lifetime and a great opportunity for a brand new tattooer.

I spoke to Crash about somehow chronicling his month long experience there through a series of questions and answers between Nick and me, his time line, his photos and sketches… This is Week 2.

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DAY 8—

Day off

Drew in sketchbook

Watched video of 1990 National Tattoo Association Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

( this was my host, Angelo Miller’s first convention and my mom’s fourth convention)

Learned that up until that time, there had only been a few conventions held, usually only one a year worldwide!

Watched video- Ed Hardy, Tattoo Reality.

* Lesson 6

Become familiar with TATTOO HISTORY, however documented, whatever media.

Debra: On a side note, our shop had a recent visit from a talented, self- taught, very new tattooer… We have the grave stone rubbings of August Coleman, Norman Collins and Franklin Paul Rogers mounted on our wall– all forefathers and iconic figures in tattooing.  He didn’t know who any of them were. There aren’t many film interviews of tattooers of the last century, but watch whatever is available and read what’s been recorded.

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Another day off

Drew in sketchbook

Changed locks at all locations

*Lesson 7

Can’t always trust everyone

Went to first strip club

See * Lesson 7 again ( ha ha! Thanks Angelo)

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DAY 10

Worked at 3rd St. Shop

Mike Wilson helped me with my sketch book.

Traced hearts and banners

2 from WEEK ONE

Tracing and repetition, repetition, repetition!

Watched Mike take apart machine

*Lesson 8

Unless you are hand poking tattoos it should go without saying that a working knowledge of how a tattoo machine runs is a necessity for a tattooer.

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DAY 11

Worked at Atlantic Blvd

Traced more hearts and banners

*Back to Lesson 2  WEEK 1

DAY 12

Worked at Atlantic Blvd

Traced eagles

DAY 13

Read Sailor Jerry Collins book

Mike Bruce helped me withroses and lettering

Jeremy Swed tattooed me


You can learn more about how to tattoo- by getting tattooed!!

Worked on convention banner

image copy 10 image copy 11

DAY 14

Worked at Atlantic Blvd

Worked on lettering

Finished Sailor Jerry book

Started reading Ed Hardy’s Tattootime

Worked on banners

image copy 12

See * Lesson 4 from WEEK 1

Being surrounded by like minded, creative and artistic people, influences and encourages you to be more creative and artistic!

End of Week 2

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