Woodpower Woodworks: A Call For Submissions


Attention all tattoo artists!!!

My name is Pete DuFrene and I am the owner of Woodpower Woodworks located in Vancouver, BC Canada. I build custom, high quality, classic furniture for tattoo studios and artists.

I am throwing a contest for the entire month October…and it’s not just for tattoo shops, but for all the readers of TAM. What this involves is as follows:

I need a t-shirt design.

 The content of the design or the style doesn’t matter and there are no limitations on what you can do. My only stipulation is it has to say my company name “Woodpower Woodworks” and it has to incorporate woodworking in one way or another.


 The winner’s prize:

I will personally build, and if possible, deliver my high-quality hardwood light table to the contest winner. Imagine this: A fantastic, industrial-quality light table valued at $1500-2000. The table will be completely your design. You will choose the specie of wood, the dimensions and the style of joinery of the light table to fit your shop or studio. I will even try to build in any little ideas you have or need.


The runner up, will receive a hardwood machine case with built in humidor and can be built to your dimensions and mounted to your wall. This prize will be coated in a coating to prevent cross contamination of any kind.

Third place will receive an ink bottle rack for mounting to the wall. This prize will be coated in a coating to prevent cross contamination of any kind.

 The Contest Rules:

You get to choose the winner!  Tell your friends, family, lovers, enemies, and anyone else you know to click on “like” for your design, but they also have to “like” one other design. This will be made available on my Facebook page once the contest is underway. This will also give other artists participating in the contest to get votes as well, so it’s not biased. In the end, I have absolutely no decision in who wins the light table. They can also check out my new site, which will be up and running in the next 3 weeks.

If this is something you would be interested in, get in touch with me at thecarpenter1979@gmail.com, and attach a couple samples of your work. I have attached some photos of some of the work that I done in the past.



Woodpower Woodworks.


woodpower-461 (2)woodpower-421

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