Propagating Some Positivity With A Tattoo Podcast?

By Joe Swanson


The Joe Swanson Propaganda podcast.  This is the name I gave the free podcast I host every week from my, DIY home-based podcast studio in Lodi CA.

My name is Joe Swanson, I’m a tattooer at Hard Luck Tattoo in Lodi, and most recently In 2012 I began releasing episodes of the Joe Swanson Propaganda Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.  Since recording the first episode with St. Louis tattooer and good friend Matt Hodel, @mlhodel, the podcast has garnered the favor of some of the tattoo communities best and brightest artists and supporters, including its sponsor, Kingpin Tattoo Supply.  It has also been featured on the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section of the iTunes store.  I have been very fortunate to have had inspired and interesting conversations with artist and creative personalities like, Jojo Ackermann, Paul Urich, Lal Hardy, ‘Mythbusters’ star Kari Byron, Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand, Doug Hardy, Bmx pro/musician Adam Banton, Brian Everett, Marshal Bennett, HoriBenny, and many more.

The podcast is my attempt at bringing a fresh and ‘positive’ look at the stories and history of that surrounds the tattoo community.  There are discussions about tattooing, art, inspiration, life, and the current culture of the tattoo industry. I hope the podcast is an insightful, educational, and fun journey into an art form that was once thought to be only for sailors, bikers & outlaws:  TATTOO

In the most recent, and follow up episode, to my almost 2 hour conversation with tattoo legend Shanghai Kate, Matt Hodel joins me again for a spirited chat.  Show #039 was the kind of episode I really enjoy!  It had laughs, spontaneity, stories, education, and also inspiring moments that was all rounded out with some Keek Da Sneak music straight outta Oakland! Perfect!

We spoke about Matt’s recent trips to New York to work for Troy Denning at his powerhouse shop, Invisible NYC.  Our bullshitting led us to also talk about Matt’s use of an assistant, Japanese tattooer Sabado, Travels in Japan, meatball sliders, Crossfit, drinking whiskey, portfolios, and the origination of my Twitter handle @OGjoeswanson.  I’ve only been tattooing for 17 years so rocking the ‘OG’ label is a little weird, but if you listen to the show you will hear how it is an homage to the trendsetters, and ‘OG’ tattooers who have paved the way for me to make a living doing what I love:  TATTOO

Subscribe to the Joe Swanson Propaganda Podcast on iTunes, follow the show on Instagram @officialjspp, or check out my website for more great podcast episodes, giveaways, and information about ‘LIVE’ Propaganda Podcast events coming to a city near you! Thanks you and stay on your HUSTLE!

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