Fira de Barcelona


Around 14.000 people visited Fira de Barcelona to enjoy the work from some of the best artists in the world.

More than 1.200 tattoos were made in the three days convention, that generated more than 320.000 euro.

 Many activities inspired by the urban expressions and trends completed the program of what is considered one of the best tattoo conventions in Europe

Once more, the record for attendance at the XVI International Tattoo Convention in Barcelona was broken with around 14,000 visitors.  With 180 artists, performances of Pin Ups, Burlesque, Hakas, Graffitti, Break, Body Paint, Hula workshops, seminars or daily tattoo competitions the EXPO did not dissapoint . Since it’s creation in Cotxeres de Sants 18 years ago, some time in La Farga de l’Hospitalet and now at Fira de Barcelona, only the best of the best continue to support this amazing EXPO.
One of the data highlighted by the convention’s organizers was the fact that almost all the tattooist stands were full during the 3 days tattoo show. 180 artists, among the best of the world, coming from 29 countries, had made a total of more than 1,200 tattoos, what generated approximately 320,000 euro profit.   Taking into account hotels, restaurants, investment on staging area, publicity, merchandising, tickets sale, cloths etc… there was around 1 million euros of capital movement during the hall convention.

“Here the crises does not affect us much, as people that come for a tattoo by a well-known artist from New Zealand for example, knows what he wants and does not care about the price” says Laura Cubero, convention’s spokesperson and organizer. In fact, all tattooists had their agendas filled during the  convention, in some cases two months in advance.  Not only did they demonstrate their skills, but also participated in the awards festival. This year The Best Piece of the Show” was for Javier Olmo tattooed by Samuel Sancho from Wanted Tattoo studio (BCN).

Among a list of talented artists, the conventions special guest on his first visit to Spain, was the prestigious master of traditional Japanese tattoo, Horitoshi I.  Other really gifted performers included Jack Rudy, the single needle inventor and the “Fine Line” creator.  The limelight was also shared by other well known artists to include Brent McCown (New Zealand), Tang Ping (China), Norm (U.S.A), José López (U.S.A), Laura Juan (Spain), Ching y Yang, from East Tattoo (Taiwan), Jota Esteban, from Mao&Cathy (Spain) and Andrea Afferni (Italy),

One of the most important URBAN ART conventions was rounded out my relevant seminars, graffiti shows, Break, Hakas and Japanese martial arts.  The Barcelona Tattoo Expo has it’s finger on the urban pulse and looks forward to continued growth and synergy as it strives to maintain the quality and value it shares with those who visit.


Barcelona Tattoo Expo

International Tattoo Convention

When: From Friday the 4th to Sunday the 7th of October 2013

Timetable: From 12.00h to 24.00h on Friday and Saturday and from 12.00h to 22.00h on Sunday

Cost: 15€ Friday ticket

18 € Saturday ticket

18 € Sunday ticket

40 €3 days bonus

 Location: Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía Plaza España. Pabellón 8


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