Bob Tyrrell talks to TattooNOW about his Webinar and upcoming DVD


TattooNOW: Bob! How goes it?

Bob Tyrrell: Going good man!, enjoying a killer Detroit summer.

TN: Education and tattooing make for a controversial mix, why did you decide to put out a DVD and webinar?

Bob: Well, because you approached me with the idea, ha-ha! But seriously, I’ve been giving seminars at tattoo conventions for many years now. I thought the webinars you did with Guy Aitchison and Russ Abbott were a great idea. I remember Paul Booth had this idea years ago but never did it. It’s a great way for tattooers anywhere in the world to do a seminar without having to travel to a convention. It’s a convenient way to be able to take a seminar. As far as the DVD, people have been asking me for years when I’m going to put one out. So now seems like a good time. I have Nikko’s and Andy Engel’s DVD’s, and they’re awesome. Really helpful for anyone wanting to progress in those styles, and learn from those masters. I held off on the DVD idea for a long time, some tattooers feel we shouldn’t give people access to this kind of info so freely. “Giving away our secrets”. I kind of used to feel that way. But times have changed. With the internet and everything, tattooers have all kinds of access to tattoo techniques. The secrets are already out there, so fuck it, why not? If I can help someone become a better tattooer, maybe they’ll end up teaching me something someday.

TN: So, an 11 hour webinar, tell us what happened!

Bob: What happened? I’m fucking slow, that’s what happened! Ha-ha. I really didn’t think it would be that long. Maybe an hour of talking and a slide show before, then a 6 hour tattoo. But anyone who knows me knows it never works out that way! There’s this thing us tattooers call tattoo time. It’s quite a bit different than real time.  And then beyond tattoo time, there’s this thing called Bob time. So I guess I’m not surprised it took that long!


TN: How will the DVD differ from the webinar?

Bob: The DVD will be a condensed version of the webinar. It’ll show the entire tattoo from start to finish, but edited and shortened, to give the viewer the basic process and techniques I use without having to sit through the entire tattoo, which can be a bit tedious! Plus they’ll be some extras and a booklet in it.

TN: What should tattooers expect to get out of these experiences?

Bob: How to tattoo really slow! But seriously, they’ll get a close up view of how I do a tattoo portrait, and the time and patience it takes to get it done right. For me anyway…I am a bit slow!

TN: Are you accepting new clients?

Bob: I’m always accepting new clients, but I don’t have time to go through my e-mail, as some of you may have discovered when I never got back to you!  But I’m finally getting some help from my friends at TattooNow…my buddy Ben will be going through my e-mail and booking my appointments from now on! But still be patient, and don’t be shy about e-mailing. If we don’t get back, hit us up again. You can e-mail me and fill out a form for an appointment on my website,

TN: Thanks man!

Bob: Thank you Gabe and everyone at TattooNow for doing what you do!


Editor’s note: Bob’s full Webinar is now available at for professional tattooists to stream. Just click here to get it now!



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