Beautiful Mastectomy Scar Tattoo

By Marisa Kakoulas

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Tattooing’s transformative magic is none more evident than on the fierce women whose battle scars with cancer are morphed into beautiful works of art.  We’ve gotten many messages since our P.Ink Day post, in which we wrote about how the P.Ink or Personal Ink Project brought ten tattooists and ten cancer survivors together to create exceptional tattoos over mastectomy scars.  So grateful to all of you for your inspirational stories.

One kickass woman, Sheri, has allowed us to share her exceptional story. Her “bra” tattoo, shown above, is by Shane Wallin of Twilight Tattoo in Minneapolis, MN. Alli from Twilight wrote:

“We saw your blog and it’s great. We re-posted it to our Facebook page along with some photos of one of Shane Wallin’s recently finished tattoos on a wonderful woman name Sheri. Two weeks after getting her tattoo finished, she found out her cancer returned after years of being breast cancer free and it is terminal. She told me she was so excited to “bring her sexy back” with her new tattoo and those two weeks were the happiest she has been in years since being diagnosed and her mastectomy.  It was both heart warming and breaking all at the same time. Reading your blog and seeing those other images of work that other women have gotten reminded us of Sheri and I just wanted to share the images with you. Sheri asked that we put her photos out there and raise awareness, however we can, so I want to honor her in that.”

Thank you, Sheri and the Twilight Tattoo crew, for the inspiration.

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Beautiful Mastectomy Scar Tattoo

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