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2011 Photo Gallery

2011 Photo Gallery

Tattoos By Ollie XXX
Ink Machine Custom Tattoo
Edmonton, Canada

Tattoos By Paulo Manabe
Pacific Soul Tattoo
Honolulu, Hawaii

Tattoos By Francis Caraccioli
Classic Tattoo
Upland, CA

Tattoos By Ivanna
Facebook Page

Tattoos By Andy Engel
Andy’s Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Tattoos By Mauro Tampieri
Skinwear Tattoo
Rimini, Italy

Tattoos By Christian Jacobsen
Frontline Tattoo
Gold Coast, Australia

Tattoos By Aaron Hodges
Idle Hand Tattoo
San Francisco, CA

Tattoos By Ross K. Jones
Private Studio
San Francisco, CA

Tattoos By Mike Shea
Redemption Tattoo
Cambridge, MA

Tattoos By Dawn Cooke
Depot Town Tattoo
Ypsilanti, MI

Tattoos By Steve Burlton
Steve’s Website:

Tattoos By Kevin Marr
Godspeed Tattoo
San Mateo, California

Tattoos By Chris St. Clark
Kustom Thrills
Nashville, TN

Tattoos By Dmitry Kuzmichev
Moscow, Russia

Tattoos By Chriss Dettmer
Black Hole Tattoo
Hamburg, Germany

Tattoos By Chris Fox
Depot Town Tattoo
Ypsilanti, MI

Tattoos By Miguel Bohigues

Tattoos By Greg Sumii
Liquid Fetish Tattoo
Fresno, CA

Tattoos By Federica di Domenico
Marsh Mallows Tattoo Studio
Rome, Italy

Tattoos By Dave Wah
Little Vinnies Tattoo
Baltimore, MD

Tattoos By Kid Kros
Split, Croatia

Tattoos By Brian Paul
Kings Avenue Tattoo
New York, NY

Tattoos By Bryan Davis
Threshold Tattoo
St. Charles, MO

Tattoo By Keith Underwood
Taylor Street Tattoo and Austin Tattoo Co.
Chicago, IL and Austin, TX

Tattoos By Dougie Mittz
True Tattoo
Hollywood, CA

Tattoos By Eddie Molina
Hand of Fate Tattoo Parlor
Ithaca, NY

Tattoos By Chad Chase
Venom Ink
Sanford, ME

Tattoos By Oddboy
Real Art Tattoo
Leicester, UK

Tattoos By Small Paul
True Tattoo
Hollywood, CA

Tattoos By Megan Fernandez
Black Cat Tattoo and Big Kahuna Tattoo
Panama City, FL

Tattoos By Oliver Peck
True Tattoo
Hollywood, CA

Tattoos By Joe Wang
8 Volts Tattoo Studio

Tattoos By Clay McCay
Anonymous Tattoo
Savannah, GA

Tattoos By Sarah Schor
Kings Avenue

Tattoos By Matt Jordan
Auckland, New Zealand

Tattoos By Picasso Dular
Gristle Tattoo
Brooklyn, NY

Tattoos By Robert Atkinson
Studio City, CA

Tattoos By Mauro Tampieri
Skinwear Tattoo
Rimini, Italy

Tattoos By Kian Forreal
Sydney, Australia

Tattoos By Andrew McDonald
Perfect Image Tattoo
Banff, Canada

Tattoos By Debra Yarian
Eagle River Tattoo
Eagle River, Alaska

Tattoos by Krooked Ken
Black Anchor Tattoo
Denton, MD

Jose Perez Jr.
Dark Water Tattoos
Bridgeview, IL

Tattoos By James Tex
Deadly Tattoos Inc.
Calgary, Canada

Tattoos By Adam Sky
Private Studio:
Vancouver, Canada

Tattoos By Jef Whitehead
Taylor Street Tattoo
Chicago, IL

Tattoos By Miss Ariana
Skin Wear Tattoo
Rimini, Italy

Tattoos By Kaloian Smokov
Smokov Tattoo

Tattoos By Henry Rodriguez
Oddball Studios
Scapegoat Tattoo
Portland, OR

Tattoos By Liz Cook
Lone Star Tattoo
Dallas, TX

Tattoos By Jakub Settgast
Esoteric Gentlemen’s Club
Berlin, Germany

Tattoos By André Malcolm
San Jose, CA

Tattoos By Sarah Bolen
AKA Tattoo
Berlin, Germany

Tattoos By Ishi
Illsynapse Tattoo

Tattoos By Michele Turco
Tattoo Da Cosa Nasce Cosa

Tattoos By William Thidemann
Kaze Gallery
Denver, CO

Tattoos By Kamil
Kamil’s website:
London, UK

Tattoos By Thad Ritchey
California Electric Tattoo Parlour 
Soquel, CA

Tattoos By Hexa
Hexa’s Website:
Tampere, Finland

Tattoos By Lee
Assassin Tattoo

Tattoos By Anthony Filo
Anthony’s Website:
Rochester, NY

Tattoos By Rhys Paku
Dermagraffiti Tattoo
Liverpool, UK

Tattoos By Curtis Burgess
Tribal Rites Tattoo
Fort Collins, CO

Tattoos By Slick Nick
25 to Life Tattoos
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tattoos By Heath Rave
Speakeasy Tattoo
Chicago, IL

Tattoos By Jenn Liles
Speakeasy Tattoo
Toronto, Canada

Tattoos By Amanda Ruby
Squid Ink
Kent, United Kingdom

Tattoos By Dane Inkamatic
Inkamatic Tattoo Shop
Trieste, Italy

Tattoos By Ryan Gagne
Classic Tattoo
Red Deer, Canada

Tattoo By Augustine Nezumi
Gimmelove Tattoo

Tattoos By Richard Holt
Black Market Tattoo
Indianapolis, IN

Tattoos by Jim Diamond
Old Style Tattoo
Koln, Germany

Tattoos By Angel Sanders
Flesh Tattoo Company
Fallston, MD

Tattoos By Aubrey Trufant
Bullet Proof Tattoo
San Angelo, TX

Tattoos By Mike Bennett
Faith Tattoo
Santa Rosa, CA

Tattoos By Alex Trufant
Bullet Proof Tattoo
San Angelo, TX

Tattoos By Matt Arriola
Liberty Tattoo
Seattle, WA

Tattoos By Todd Noble
Black Cobra Tattoo
Salisbury, MD

Tattoos By Justin Shaw
Faith Tattoo
Santa Rosa, CA

Tattoos By Oleg Turyanskiy
Moscow, Russia

Tattoos By Eric Jones
Eric’s Blog
Costa Mesa, CA

Tattoos by Josh Egnew
Three Kings Tattoo
Brooklyn, NY

Tattoos by Spencer Hodgson
7th Street Tattoo
St. Paul, MN

Tattoos by Jason Leisge
Oddball Studios
Portland, OR

Tattoos by Chris Lain
Pinnacle Tattoo
Corpus Christi, TX

Tattoos by Nick Baxter
Nick’s Website

Tattoos by Myke Chambers
Myke’s Website

Tattoos by Stizzo
Best of Times Tattoo
Milan, Italy

Tattoos by Ron Meyers
Hot Rod Tattoo
Martins Ferry, OH

Tattoos by Daryl Rodriguez
Hold It Down Tattoo

Tattoos by Chad Ramsay
Hot Rod Tattoo
Martins Ferry, OH

Tattoos by Jason Lambert
Black Cat Tattoos
Pittsburgh, PA

Tattoos by Christopher Ayalin
Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery
Douglasville, GA

Tattoos by Tim Beck
Freedom Ink
Peoria, IL

Tattoos by Eva Huber
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Tattoo
Chicopee, MA

Tattoos by Adrian Stacey
Nine Tattoo
Brighton, UK

Tattoos by Shane Woodward
Big Kahuna Tattoo
Boca Raton, FL

Tattoos by Jeff Gogué
Gogué Art Tattoo
Grants Pass, OR

Tattoos by Jo Harrison
Modern Body Art
Birmingham, UK

Tattoos by Dean Williams
Elm St. Tattoo
Dallas, TX

Tattoos by Paul Dhuey
Guru Tattoo Art
San Diego, CA

Tattoos by Miss Arianna
Skinwear Tattoo
Rimini, Italy

Tattoos by Nate Laird
Darkstar Tattoo
Salem, OR

Tattoos by Jason Donahue
Idle Hand Tattoo
San Fransisco, CA

Tattoos by Dan Sinnes

Tattoos by Lizzie Renaud
Speakeasy Tattoo
Toronto, Canada

Tattoos by Cory Norris
Classic Tattoo Studio
Grass Valley, CA

Tattoos by Isaac Fainkujen
Tempe, AZ

Tattoos by Joel Kennedy
Under the Needle Tattoo
Seattle, WA

Tattoos by Matt Brotka
Salvation Tattoo
Richmond, VA

Tattoos by Dan Henk
Gully Cat Tattoo
Austin, TX

Tattoos by Jacek Minkowski
Mom’s Body Shop
San Fransisco, CA

Tattoos by Kyle Crowell
Torch Tattoo
Anaheim, CA

Tattoos by Erick Lynch
Redemption Tattoo Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Tattoos by Danny Reed
Hot Stuff Tattoo
Asheville, NC

Tattoos by Kian Forreal
Inner Vision Tattoo Studio
Sydney, Australia

Tattoos by Jason Schroder
Incognito Tattoo
Los Angeles, CA

Tattoos by Cecil Porter
Cecil Porter Tattoos
Murrieta, CA

Tattoos by Jeff Rassier
Blackheart Tattoo
San Fransisco, CA

Tattoos by Nick Chaboya
Seventh Son Tattoo
San Fransisco, CA

Tattoos by Brendan Rowe
Unbreakable Tattoo
Los Angeles, CA

Tattoos by Keet D’Arms
Southern Star Tattoo
Atlanta, GA

Tattoos by Russ Abbott
Ink & Dagger Tattoo
Decatur, GA

Tattoos by Noon

Tattoos by Javier Betancourt
Ocho Placas Tattoo Company
Miami, FL

Tattoos by Zack Spurlock
Anonymous Tattoo
Savannah, GA

Tattoos by Adam Hays
Red Rocket Tattoo
Manhattan, NY

Tattoos by Paul Dobleman
Spider Murphy’s Tattoo
Rafael, CA

Tattoos by Vero
Montreal, Canada

Tattoos by Jet
Love Hate Tattoo
Rochester, NY

Tattoos by Sarah Schor
New York Adorned
New York, NY

Tattoos by George Bardadim
Bardadim Tattoo
Bonn, Germany

Tattoos by Dave Waugh

Tattoos by Chris Smith
Deluxe Tattoo
Chi-Town, IL

Tattoos by Henning Jørgensen
Royal Tattoo
Helsingør, Denmark

Tattoos by CIV
Lotus Tattoo
Sayville, NY

Tattoos by Guen Douglas
25 to Life Tattoos
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tattoos by Darcy Nutt
Chalice Tattoo
Boise, ID

Tattoos by Jo Jo Ackermann
American Made Tattoo
Rosamond, CA

Tattoos by Wes Carter
Carter’s Tattoo Co.
Bowling Green, KY

Tattoos by Hiro
Cotton Pickin
Akita, Japan

Tattoos by Holly Ellis
Idle Hand Tattoo
San Fransisco, CA

Tattoos by Mario Desa
Chicago Tattoo Co.
Chicago, IL

Tattoos by Dana Helmuth

Tattoos by Melissa Baker
Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo
Jamaica Plain, MA

Tattoos by Dennis Pase
Five Star Tattoo
Louisville, KY

Tattoos by Jason Kundell(Featured in the upcoming TAM issue #24: Subscribe Here)
Art Work Rebels
Portland, OR

Tattoos by Dave Kruseman
Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery
Douglasville, GA


  1. i would like to see an interview with dan sinnes.

  2. You guys need to get some stuff up from RON and Beppe @ Royal, those two KILL it. Great to see the Henning stuff.

  3. Be interesting to read a good article on Karl Marc. Cool guy that makes the industry just that much better.
    Also, if it hasn’t been reviewed, Jeff Ensminger’s The Rose book. I couldn’t say enough about the quality of this book. Much like his other art work, top notch.

  4. very nice work..very good wonderfull colouring world..

  5. TAM Photo Submission Info

    All magazine submissions can be sent as printed photos to:
    Tattoo Artist Magazine
    54 Farmer Rd
    Newnan, GA 30263

    For online submission consideration ONLY send at least 5 high resolution pictures of tattoos to:
    (Please DO NOT send pictures of flash or paintings for online submissions)

  6. good works !
    congratullation for all tattoo artist…

  7. I noticed alot of old school work, and I appreciate that style,but how come not that much of the “realism” work?

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  9. What a great blog! These are some great works of art and they have some great detail. I’m thinking of going to a tattoo school to become an artist and this gave me some great inspiration to move forward. Thanks for posting!!

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  11. Hey, this is a great blog! Thanks for sharing your tattoo designs!

  12. Tattoos By Andy Engel – VERY COOL. Greetings from Poland

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