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Women Finding Beauty in Tragedy:
Gugo Tattoo, Sao Paulo, Brazil: []

Women Finding Beauty in Tragedy:

Find out how to get involved! This year’s Day will be October 10th.

Last year was a huge success—it was truly a transformative event. Check these amazing pictures

Still, last year was a prototype experience. We learned from it and the plan is to make our next Day even better.

Friday Jones

Tattoo by: Friday Jones

— P.Ink Day is Oct.10 — READ MORE HERE

So here’s the deal:

  • Day will be on 10/10 this year and every year, forever.
  • Expected (but still unofficial) locations include: New York, Toronto, Columbia, SC, Chicago/Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Los Angeles. We’re also exploring the possibility of Miami, Denver and San Francisco.
  • These local Days will be all-volunteer efforts of love—including participating artists, photographers, studio-owners, taxis, etc. All donations for Day will be in kind-donations of time, goods or services.
  • Any financial donations will go to help survivors on the other 364 days of the year. Read about it here.
Liaa Walter, Washington DC

Tattoo by: Liaa Walter, Washington DC

Madame Lazonga

Tattoo by:Madame Lazonga


Artist: Unknown

Virgina Elwood

Tattoo by: Virginia Elwood

en Carmean of Monarch Tattoo

Tattoo by: Jen Carmean


Tattoo by: Roxx  

Hosting your own Day

How do you grow a movement? You get the right people and you give them the right tools. Starting with you. We’d like to encourage you to host a Day event on October 10th in your city. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, here’s what you’ll need:

  • One or more artists who have experience with mastectomy tattoos (we can help).
  • One or more survivors who want a mastectomy tattoo (again, we can help).
  • A local leader to facilitate a great experience.

Who’s excited? You are. Tell us about yourself!

For more info go to


Joy Rumore from Twelve 28 Tattoo

Tattoo by: Joy Rumore from Twelve 28 Tattoo

Shannon Purvis Barron of Indigo Rose Tattoo Studio

Shannon Purvis Barron of Indigo Rose Tattoo Studio

— P.Ink Day is Oct.10 — READ MORE HERE 

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Beautiful Mastectomy Scar Tattoo

Mastectomy Scars Transformed on P.Ink Day

Women Finding Beauty In Tragedy

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Great women of tattooing


  1. I am the organizing the P.Ink Day effort for San Francisco. Black and Blue will be hosting an artist and survivor but I have additional survivors that would love to get a tattoo. If you are an experienced tattoo artist in San Francisco and would like to be involved please email me at

  2. Reblogged this on The Tattoo Tourist and commented:
    I am organizing for San Francisco. If you are an experienced tattoo artist in the Bay Area and want to be involved email me!

  3. I am a breast cancer survivor and three photos are absolutely beautiful. I live in az and was wondering how do I go about finding a tattoo artist out here. I really want to get something like this done after a year and a half of treatment and 11 surgeries I want to get something like this done.