Interview with Vetoe by Pep Williams

When did you know you wanted to get into tattooing? 

My grandfather had a panther on his arm that he named marmaduke that he got in the Korean War. When I was 4 years old I would color on it with crayola markers. I think my mom knew at that point, my mom always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. Since I could remember all I ever wanted to do was travel, skateboard, do graffiti, and tattoo. I wasn’t good at skateboarding, kept getting busted painting graffiti, so tattooing and traveling was all I had.pep-williams-Vetoe

How Long have you been tattooing at Zombie Tattoo.

I first went to zombie tattoo a few years back after I sold 6th street tattoo in corona ca. Zombie Joe the owner is one of my best friends so I came over part time while working at inkslingers also part time. I later was offered a full time spot at inkslingers and worked there total for 2 years. I left and did my own thing trying to find what direction I wanted to go with my wife, children, and career, and zombie was always home, I’ve been around a lot of shops who claim family, but this is my family. No matter if I worked there or not they were all always a huge part of mine and my families life.

What are your favorite type of tattoos do you like doing? Realism, Letters ect.

I try to stay well rounded. I’m a Tattooer, to me a Tattooer is a street shop artist that can tackle anything that comes through the door. Not only being able to handle it but to do it in the style it should be done. I really love religious work, being around it as a child , I really have a soft spot for it. My dream day is come in, do a black and gray piece, do a traditional piece, and some lettering, ride my bike home, kiss my wife and kids and go to bed.



I see you have some cool tattoos. Who are some of the tattoo artists that have done work on you?

The person that has tattooed me the most is maybe one of the most important people in my career and that’s Ruger from San Fernando valley, he helped me so much in the first few years of my career. Another person who taught me almost everything I know from single needle to the importance of black in any piece is Brian Gonzales of inkslingers. My homie Chente Rios of under the gun did my portrait of my son. Tim Hendricks who is one of my heroes in tattooing did my nephew on me, I did my first tattoo the day he was born, needless to say it means a lot. I also have work from my close friends Zombie Joe, Archie, El Jerome from Stockton , Scot Umpress, Mike Rios, Tommy Montoya, Bobby Serna, Placaso, Josh Duffy, Ivano Natale, Johnny Quintana, Freddy Negrete, Krazy K, Chris Paez, Hakan, and many others. My wife hahaha
Mark Mahoney loves that one.



Who are some of your favorite tattoo artists out now?

That’s a very good question… Tim Hendricks, BJ Betts, Chente Rios, Josh Duffy, James Spencer Briggs, Chris Brand, Miles Archie Gleason, Antonio mejia, Grime, Xam, Dan Smith, Opie Ortiz, Tim Sauter, Dougie Mitz, Eli Quinters, Steve Whitenberg, Sergio Sanchez, Hakan from Sweden, Brian Gonzales, Abey and Klown, Ben Grillo, Dominic and Redtide In murrieta….. My boy el Jerome for sure, Brent patten at forever, Mike Rios at cactus.. Johnny Von peso is so underrated…. There is to many to name, I love so many different styles I could go on for days.



What was one of the craziest tattoo sessions you have ever had.

Craziest session….. I’ve had some good ones hahaha… I’m gonna plea the one two three fo “fif” on this one. I’ll save these for the tell all book hahaha.


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