3 Day Ed Hardy Event at Kings Avenue Tattoo

From Kings Avenue Tattoo:

Ed Hardy in San Francisco painting studio_2011_photo credit Emiko Omori

We are honored and humbled to host the legendary tattooer and artist Ed Hardy for an unprecedented 3-day event.  Hardy, renowned for his genre changing, globally influenced tattoo designs, announced that he will host “Pictures of the Gone World,” taking place May 15th, 16th & 17th at Kings Avenue Tattoo.  The event will consist of a three-day exhibition of Hardy’s most recent artwork, accompanied by the release of a New York- centric tattoo history book and a series of talks covering his influential, six-decade career. “Ed is a pioneer of tattooing, and we are making history with this event,” says Kings Avenue owner Mike Rubendall.

Hardy will present a collection of his current and past artwork, consisting of mixed-media paintings that incorporate American an Japanese tattoo motifs, and “kiddie flash” – traditional maritime-inspired designs that he drew as a tattoo-obsessed child in the late 1950s, rendered with colored pencil on looseleaf notebook paper-which has never been publicly exhibited.

The event marks the release of the Lew The Jew Alberts: Early 20th Century Tattoo Drawings, a compilation of designs attributed to Lew Alberts, a Newark, NJ native who tattooed under the famed Bowery-based artist Charlie Wagner. It’s the most recent title from Hardy Marks, the publishing imprint that Hardy co-founded in 1982, specializing in tattoo history and alternative art.  A limited number of books will be available for purchase at Kings Avenue, and Hardy will be signing copies on May 15th.

Hardy will also stage two talks.  On May 16th, he will discuss his storied career as an artist and tattooer, and his efforts to document the sprawling and often ephemeral historical evidence of his craft.   On May 17th, historian and author Michael McCabe and the artist and former tattooer Ruth Marten will join him in a discussion of New York City’s colorful, checkered, century-long history as a locus of Western tattooing.

Kings Avenue’s staff of in-house artists will be tattooing throughout the weekend, in addition to artists visiting from Tattoo City, the shop founded by Hardy in 1977.  In a break from their usual practice of customized, large format designs, the artists will tattoo American-style flash designed by Hardy during the early years of his career.


Don Ed Hardy tattooing Mike Malone_2_New York City_1974


Kings Avenue

188 Bowery, Floor 2

New York, NY 10012


Friday May 15th

-12 – 9pm: Installation open to the public (free)

– 4 – 7pm: Reception and book signing with Ed Hardy, Michael McCabe and Ruth Marten (free)

Saturday May 16th

 – 10am – 12pm: “Split Personality” :Ed Hardy to discuss 60-year career as a tattooer and an artist, followed by Q and A (ticketed)

– 1pm – 9pm: Exhibition open to public (free)

Sunday May 17th

– 10am – 12pm: “(TK)” : Ed Hardy to discuss history of New York City tattoo culture with historian/author Michael McCabe and artist Ruth Marten, followed by Q and A (ticketed)

– 1pm – 7pm: Exhibition open to public (free)


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