Employers adopt a more liberal stance on body art

TIP: Dress for the job, not the attitude of the tattoos.
TIP: Dress for the job, not the attitude of the tattoos.

Employers are slowly adopting a More Liberal Stance on Tattoos in the workplace…Today!

A decade ago, sporting body ink meant to some managers or business owners that you were either in the navy, in the circus or may have a criminal record, and this deterred employers from hiring such individuals. The stance around tattoos in the workplace has slowly shifted and it has now caught an extremely liberal approach. As the number of people who have body ink continues to grow, employers are now adopting a more lenient stance on tattoos in the workplace.

However, the policy on tattoos in the workplace still varies from industry to industry, and the main concerns are against the type of body ink that you are showing and the words that have been engraved. In a recent survey, it was found that 4 in 10 people between the ages of 18 – 29 have at least one tattoo. Corporations have started to loosen their stance on appearances when it comes to hiring individuals, but a study that was conducted by CareerBuilder.com stated that 35% of HR managers consider tattoos as the 3rd most likely attribute, which can limit the career potential of an individual.

Hope for Tattoos

The industries that are accepting the workforce with tattoos include the construction, auto, film, music, design, athletics, digital media, styling, and military. However, in the corporate world, there are still some industries where tattoos are still held in a grim view, such as the medicine, law, government, education and business. The reason for that is many clients do have problems with body ink, since they see it as a sign of rebellion, and not freedom of speech or expression.

However, each employer has their own particular stance on tattoos, whether it is conservative or liberal. The number of employees that are being hired and have got body ink has increased over the past 5 years and the numbers are expected to increase in the coming years.

Change is in the Air

The 21st century has certainly brought about a lot of social norms that have become acceptable. The norm of tattoos in the workplace has also shifted, and although it is not completely accepted by everyone, the changes in tattoo policies in most workplaces are refreshing. Celebrities are now openly sporting tattoos and body ink culture is widely acceptable, and is only a minor concern now for HR managers. Some models even build careers based solely on their tattoos. This fact alone signals a big change in modeling, fashion, and marketing worlds.

The type of tattoos that you have on your body may also taken into consideration in many industries, and potentially offensive or threatening tattoos will obviously not be welcomed in certain workplaces. Still, within reason, it’s fair to say that Tattooed jobseekers can take comfort in the fact that their art will no longer be the reason why they won’t get hired, since a high majority of HR managers don’t consider it to be a big issue anymore.

Final Word on Tattoos

Jobseekers who have got tattoos no longer have to face oppression, just because they choose to flaunt their ink, and many companies are starting to adopt a liberal stance in that regard. So don’t let body art stop you from pursuing your dream career, since employers have started recognizing that some of their best employees are usually sporting tattoos, and it is only a matter of time before all workplaces start taking more liberal approaches regarding tattoos.

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