Skin Book: practice sketchbook w/synthetic skin [video]

Everyone wants to be a tattoo artist these days, but how can someone learn to tattoo without practicing on real people? No one wants to be the guinea pig, and for good reason- these things last forever! Well, a Brazillian ad agency has released this video on the net, and it’s going viral!

The Skin Book video is making quite a ‘mark’ on the internet the last few days. It features artists who are simply amazed by a handy, Moleskine-esque little sketchbook designed for aspiring tattoo artists to practice on. The thing is, as far as anyone knows for sure, it isn’t real! Created by an Brazilian ad agency for their client, Tattoo Art Magazine, (not Tattoo ARTIST Magazine), the Skin Book promo is making waves.Screen shot 2015-06-03 at 7.04.18 AM

We’ve been getting tons of emails from people wanting to BUY one for themselves, their friends, their neighbors. I guess no one realizes that practice tattoo skins have been around for quite some time, now. I know plenty of artists who have used them in the past; some for learning and some just for creating art. But why doesn’t this product exist? And could it?

Well, yes, it could…but it wouldn’t look anything like the prop in this video. Practice skins are thick and spongy, designed to mimic the look and feel of human flesh. Some are made really, really well (like the company Pound of Flesh’s products) and some are cheap plastics that don’t even hold ink well, but any of these options is FAR BETTER than scratchers making permanent mistakes on the kids in the neighborhood! (That’s a surefire way to lose friends!) But let’s reiterate that the ONLY real way to learn the tattoo trade is to learn from a professional with more than 10 years experience, by getting an apprenticeship! Screen shot 2015-06-03 at 7.05.26 AM

People who take the craft of tattooing seriously, who have honed their skills and mastered their art, are the only people who realize just how difficult tattooing, (GOOD tattooing), actually is. Which is why every one of us, regardless of how we each started, says the same thing- GET AN APPRENTICESHIP and learn how to do things right. Your customers, (or victims, as it were), deserve better, they deserve the BEST!

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