Bad-Ass Geometric Tattoos and the Artists Who Create Them

Some geometric tattoos represent ancient symbols and a oneness with nature.  They often depict an optical illusion that nothing is as it seems and that all things are continuous.  Geometric design brings together common shapes in an uncommon order.  The geometric tattoo is purely decorative, it is neither male or female and not typically associated with a life event.  They are indeed a very pure form of art.  Some people are taken in by the symmetry and beauty of the shapes, while others feel a connection to sacred symbols and history through geometrical images.

The tattoo work for a powerful geometric piece is tedious and precise. It is an exercise in patience and perfection.  If one line is too heavy or to too thin it can throw off the entire piece and the visual illusion being sought fails to register in the viewer.  The gallery below showcases just a few highly talented artists with advanced technical skills in the geometric style.  This images are standouts in a sea of other tattoos.[divider]

Amazing work by LewisInk in Switzerland. Lewis states he has always been passionate about geometry, shapes and space. Each piece is captivating and seams endless.

Lewis Ink Lewis Ink 2

DotsToLines is artwork by Chaim Machlev from Berlin, Germany.  Chaim is known for expressing his work with a seamless connection between  the laws mathematics and organic styling.

Chaim Mchlev Chaim Machlev2

Paul Davies reputation proceeds him. His designs are symetrical and fluid.  Each piece looks as if it was meant to be exactly where it is.

Paul Davies 3 Paul davies2

From Japan, Kenji Alucky is a master with black ink and negative space.  Each piece has astonishing levels of detail and ground-breaking in its uniqueness and placements.

KenjiAlucky KenjiAlucky2[divider]

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  1. One of the best geometric/mosaic tattoo artist I have ever seen is Coen Mitchell from Aussie/NZ area. His work is mindblowing.

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