Step by Step: How to paint a Zombie Eye in oils, by Ettore Bechis

Here’s a nifty little Step-By-Step article by Ettore Bechis for painting a ZOMBIE EYE in oils. These creepy effects can be applied to any piece! – Enjoy!

1. Spray your frame (new or old doesn’t matter) with black varnish.


  1. Cut a piece of wood same size as frame glass.


  1. If you are slow-moving and don’t feel like drawing an eye, look up an image on the internet and print the size of the piece of wood; other wise draw an eye the size of the wood.


  1. Paint the piece of wood with Verdaccio Acrylic Paint. (To make Verdaccio mix colors; white, yellow, 1 drop of red, and couple drops of black).


  1. Dry overnight and sand the wood panel with fine sand paper.


  1. Transfer the image with carbon paper and pen or pencil.


  1. Trace the outline with acrylic paint in color burnt umber and make the highlight with white.


  1. Oil colors: Black, Brown, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Yellow medium cadmium, Cadmium orange, Alzarin crimson, White, Neutral 7, Neutral 5 and Neutral 3  from the John Howard Sanden set portrait.

Brushes:       Filbert 4, Filbert 2Liner, 0 Liner 3

Other material: Cold pressed linseed oil, Paper towels, Mona Lisa odorless paint thinner


  1. Paint everything starting from the darker color ending with the lightest color (creating a somber effect). Make sure to not make the color look to thick; if so you won’t have a reference for later.


  1. Shade with a dry brush on the painting, continue until the painting looks smooth. Remember to clean the brush off with Paint Thinner often to keep from mixing colors.


  1. To give the skin texture, take a sponge and dip in a dark color of your choice and quickly splatter around preferred area; gives the painting a “dirty” effect.


  1. Cover the eye with a plastic spoon, then splatter with a brush and a dark color to give more of a “dirty” effect.


  1. Reinforce with dark shadow and highlight


  1. Put your painting in the frame and take a picture. Share on Instagram!


Painting:   Ettore Bechis         – (Translation from Italian to English: Imani Martin)

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