Jeremy Sutton on the opening of Electric Anvil Tattoo

By Nicki Kasper


Tell us a little bit about your history in the tattoo industry… How long have you been tattooing?  What shops did you call home before opening Electric Anvil? Etc…

I have been tattooing for 18 years. Josh Egnew has been tattooing for 10 years. We both came from Three Kings Tattoo. Josh has tattooed in Brooklyn his whole career. He started out at Hand of Glory. Before Three Kings I worked at Guru Tattoo in San Diego and before that with Russ Abbott at Ink and Dagger.

Who do you credit for teaching you the trade, and what was that experience like? 

I learned to tattoo in Toccoa, Georgia from an old biker named Ole Roy. He taught me all the foundations of tattooing. But I really accredit the crew at Alien Arts Tattoo (now the crew of Anonymous Tattoo) in Savannah, Georgia for really helping me understand the craft of tattooing. They are also incredible artists so the envelope was always being pushed. Josh never had a formal apprenticeship, but was fortunate to have some great people looking out for him. Regino Gonzales and Marco Serio being at the top of that list. Between those guys and all of the amazing people he’s worked with over the years at Hand of Glory, Three Kings and on the road, I’d say the experience has been pretty fantastic.


What made you decide to open a shop? 

Well it’s been a long time coming. Just turning the key to your own business is such a liberating thing. We’re getting old and needed a place to hunker down and really focus on being the best that we can be. That and we’ve been collecting so much stuff over the years and needed a venue to showcase it. The majority of the shop is original artwork, so It’s great to finally be able to showcase it.

Tattoo by Josh Egnew.

What was the biggest high and the biggest low in the process of getting the shop opened

Well getting a spot in Brooklyn isn’t easy. A lot of people get involved. Brokers on both sides, other parties fighting over spots, etc. It’s rough, so finally having keys and a signed lease had to be the most exciting step for me. And as far the lows… I would say missing all the friends at Three Kings that we spent so many great years with, but luckily they always come by to visit.

Tattoo by Jeremy Sutton.

Tell us about Electric Anvil… What can clients expect from their visit?  

Currently the crew is made up of Josh and I. We wanted to start off small and carefully build up. We both make time for walk-ins everyday. We plan on hosting many great guest artists. We recently had Jenn Liles from Passage Tattoo sit in with us. We’ll have Horimasa and Horishin from Japan in here later this summer and then a few friends from Guru Tattoo coming in September. We will always update our guest artist list on our social media platforms.

Tattoo by Jeremy Sutton.

Where can people find the shop, and how can they get in touch to make an appointment?

Electric Anvil Tattoo is located in Crown Heights Brooklyn. 721 Franklin Ave Brooklyn NY 11238 Call 718-636-6360 or email us at for appointments.

To see more of Jeremy and Josh’s work, visit:

instagram: @electricanviltattoo[divider]

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