Seven Exquisite Full Back Tattoos

Tattoos on the upper back range can be from simple and modest, to those that hold great significance and are quite elaborate. They can even be tattoos that stand alone or they may be the foundation for a greater idea that is yet to come. The mind of an individual getting a tattoo is unique, and the idea that generates from it is just as unique. Depending on how far the thought can go, a brilliant tattoo artist is sure to follow.

Back tattoos are a commitment, in time, money and ideas. You may have to sit with your artist for a couple of planning sessions before you even begin the journey to completion.  You may also need to several sessions over the course of several months to complete your piece.  A full back tattoo is a statement of who you are and who you want to be in the world.

This group of back tattoos was submitted to us via Instagram. To submit YOUR work for the world to see, TAG us on IG and use #TattooArtistMagazine [divider]

1 – Jeremy Sutton @1sutton1 Check out this article on Jeremy’s shop: Electric Anvil Tattoo

This amazing tattoo is the work of Jeremy Sutton, an artist from Electric Anvil in Brooklyn. This tat gracefully blends Irezumi art with dragons to produce such a great result.

2 – Stan Corona @coronatattoo

This tattoo design is a piece of art from the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts!), one of the most dignified, revered art galleries in the South. A gorgeous, ornate Japanese tattoo by Stan Corona!

3 – Samuele Briganti @samuelebriganti

This beautiful full back tattoo is the work of Samuele Briganti. You can follow his work at the Instagram handle provided above. A fine tattoo, that perfectly blends multiple elements from different schools of art and produces such as amazing result. His work continuously gets our attention on IG and we’re happy and proud to be showcasing such fine artists. (Submit!;)

4 – David Bruehl @davidbruehl

This full back tattoo is one of the most diverse tattoos you will ever see. The left arm has a vampire on it, the right arm has crashing waves and a skull on it. Meanwhile, the full back tattoo is of a beautifully tattooed owl clutching an octopus in its claws.

5 – Small Paul @smallpaultattoo

This tattoo is the finest example of the Japanese Irezumi tattoo. This extensive piece of exquisite work is by Small Paul. It is a tattoo one can stare at in awe for hours, observing every minute detail and, with years of study, learning how to decipher the meanings behind each element.

6 – James Tex @jamestex

This rather viscous back tattoo is the work of James Tex. James is one of the artists working today to push boundaries and blend styles such as newschool and traditional in heretofore unprecedented ways. Notice the prowess in the way he blends different elements together to create this beautiful tattoo.

7 – Marius Meyer @mariusmey

This is one amazing back tattoo, the proud work of Marius Meyer. We’ve been fans of Marius’ work for nearly as long as TAM has been around, and he never disappoints, always pushing himself to new artistic and technical levels. Notice the sword around which this protective dragon coils itself. The level of depth and detail is absolutely awe-inspiring. [divider]

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  1. This is an awesome post! I can’t imagine how many hours of pain it took to complete some of these. It’s interesting to consider how much trust goes into doing a project as big as these. I would have to take some time and seriously consider a huge piece like these. These are awesome!

  2. what an amazing use of color! The compositions are all well thought out and bring the eye to attention right where the artists want them!

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