Sexy Tattoos on Women: Backs, Thighs and Chest

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The woman’s body. Sensual, powerful and full of wonderful curves!  And nothing is sexier than a confident woman who enhances her natural beauty with a stunning tattoo.  Check out some of our favorite locations on the woman’s body.

Check & Neck

In Europe they call this area the décolletage. The skin is soft, often exposed to sun and for the most part, exposed the majority of the time. To many it is the most feminine part of the body.  A tattoo in this area is a true statement that a woman knows who she is, now and will be for her lifetime.


Tomastomas108 neck

Artist Unknown – If you know this artist, tell them to submit more work to us on Instagram @tattooartistmagazine

Collar bone artist unknown

Jen Carmen

Jen Carmean chest

Under the Breasts

The newest and sexiest trend, right under the breast. Sometimes the designs graces the sensual curves of the cleavage and sometimes the design follows the curves of the underside of the breasts.  These are especially sensual as they are covered more than shown so you know these tattoos have a very deep and personal meaning to the wearer.


Austin Jevans Under Breast Moth

Brandon Collins

Brandon Collins Under breasts

Stephan Vogel

Stephan Vogal under breasts


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