GUILTY! Man gets 20 yrs for tattoo shop firebomb!

As anyone who’s been tattooing for more than 20 years can attest, in the olden days (we won’t call it the ‘golden age’) of American Tattooing, when shops or scratchers moved in too close to an established tattoo studio, firebombings were the norm. This territorial-ism was ingrained in tattooing dating back to the early 1920s and it was no joke! Sometimes these real-life FLAME WARS would go for years, one shop burning down the competition only to find their own location in cinders days, weeks or sometimes years later, and the cycle would repeat. By the early 1990’s, with the onset of a new generation of more artistically-inclined artists rather than the familiar biker-types of shop owners, FLAME-WARS slowly diminished. Some may still long for the days when they could simply burn out their competition, but take it from this dude – it’s probably not really worth a 20 year stretch in the joint!

BTW, there’s no statement attesting this man was involved with tattooing in any way or what exactly motivated him and his three compadres to send Molotov cocktails through the store’s windows, (think he got some bad ink or something?). It’s just a tattoo story that reminded us of the Tattoo Tales we grew up hearing from those who came before us. – From his rap sheet, it seems a 20 year stretch in prison has been well-earned.


REPORT:  – A Las Cruces man has pleaded guilty to federal charges stemming from the 2012 firebombing of a tattoo parlor.

Federal prosecutors say 43-year-old Conrad Vasquez Salazar pleaded guilty during a hearing Monday to charges of conspiracy and being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

As part of his plea agreement, he faces 20 years in prison. His sentencing has yet to be scheduled.

Salazar and three other co-conspirators were charged in a series of complaints and indictments following the Aug. 31, 2012 firebombing of Irish Ink Tattoo. Salazar admitted producing two Molotov cocktails at his home and instructing his co-conspirators on how to use them.

Prosecutors say Salazar’s criminal record includes convictions for residential burglary, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and aggravated battery on a peace officer. [divider]


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