A New Trend: Romantic Couples Tattoos

Ahhh, sweet love.  It’s what makes the world go around. And for some, a need to show their commitment to another goes far beyond the ceremonies, the rings and the legal steps.  They want a sense of being connected, forever to their soul mate.

While many tattoo artists and enthusiast will tell you, never tattoo someone else’s name on your body because, well, you never know . . . .These couples took their love to a whole new level with couple tattoos.

Paul Berkey

Paul Berkley
A classic expression of love. The once locked heart, can only be opened by he who has the key.

Sink It In Tattoos @sinkitintattoospa

Notice the EKG is different on each finger.  We can only assume this reflects their heart rate when they look in each other’s eyes.

No Artist Mentioned

“They met on a starry night. He was a dark lord with the empire and she the only heroine whose Jedi powers could tame him . . . “
Nothing says love and a commitment at Comic-Con like matching light saber tattoos!

Bridget Manning @

The old saying goes “Treat him like a King and he will treat you like a Queen.”

Constance @constancetattoos

The water color heart is pretty creative, but the intertwined finger prints makes this tattoo extremely unique.

Black Emperor Tattooer @popisanders

His and hers hearts . . . we can assume there is quite a story behind these tattoos.

Sanja Tattoo @sanjatattoo

Dreamcatchers are an authentic American Indian tradition, from the Ojibway (Chippewa) tribe and originally only used to protect children from nightmares.  The intricate webbing would catch the spirits that scare children in the night.

The Artist for the next photo, taken atop the Empire State Building, is Glenn Cuzen. This duo is actually not a couple, as we learned from the artist’s wife (thank you:), who is pictured here with a dear friend, also tattooed by Glenn Cuzen, who does some damn amazing work!

A love for each other and a love for geometric tattoos.  Incredible detail.

No Artist Mentioned

In some cultures wolves are noble warriors, great leaders, and protectors of the innocent. We can only assume, the wolves are a symbol of mating for life and a commitment to the pack.

Witch Art Studio @mini_witch_art

 Roman numeral tattoos which could symbolize the year the met or the year they wed.

The bulk of our galleries are made up of images submitted to us via Instagram @TattooArtistMagazine.  We make every effort possible to link tattoos back to the artists.  If you know the artist of some of the designs above, be sure to tag them in the comments to give them props for their work and we’ll update their info!

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