On the Topic of Hip Tattoos

Even the most basic tattoo can be an incredibly sensual piece of art when strategically placed. The hip is often used as one such location, particularly by women who enjoy showing off their midriffs at the beach and during the warmer times of year.

People who exercise to extreme degrees often use tattoos as a way to accentuate and draw attention to particular parts of their body. Men tend to focus on their biceps, hence the popularity of bicep tattoos. Women tend to focus on their core, which is why the fairer sex tend to sport hip tattoos more than their testosterone-fueled counterparts.

The hips is also a prime locations for people who work in industries that frown upon the practice. It’s an easy location to cover up, making it simple for people to deny their existence during an interview process if need be.

That being said, tattoos are starting to become commonplace and more accepted year after year. This trend has caused many people to feel comfortable getting more extensive and detailed designs, and the hip is the perfect place for these larger pieces of art. As you can see from many of the designs in the gallery below, hip tattoos tend to be quite large in nature, spanning the entire region above and below the waist. If a small picture’s worth a thousand words then a hip tattoo can be likened to a novel; an easy-to-read novel visible without the need of a mirror.

Hip tattoos are also some of the least painful to get. The level of pain often increases as the artist makes his or her way up towards the ribs, but everything at waist level and a bit lower is often quite easy for even tattoo newbies to handle.

As you can probably see from the variable nature of the tattoos featured below, hip tattoo designs are usually quite different from one another. Where many other body parts tend to have common depictions and designs, the large canvas afforded to hip tattoos ensures their design variety. They often show off a person’s unique creative nature, with multiple symbolic images combined together to form one large masterpiece.

There really isn’t any reason to shy away from getting a hip tattoo. It’s the perfect location for your own personal Sistine Chapel that you can get all at once or add to with little bits at a time, and it’ll only ever be visible when you want people to see it in all its wonder.

There’s nothing but upside where hip tattoos are involved, so stop waiting and get the one you’ve always wanted sooner rather than later.

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