The Eternal Artistry of Holiday Tattoos

The winter months are considered the happiest time of year for a reason. Loved ones get together and create memories that often last a lifetime. Many people get to see friends and family members they don’t ordinarily get to catch up with while feasting like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s no wonder why some of the most timeless stories revolve around the holidays. From How the Grinch Stole Christmas to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, there are hundreds of memorable holiday stories that capture the essence of what the season means to so many people all over the world.

The real question isn’t why should you get a holiday tattoo; it’s why shouldn’t you. Chances are there’s a specific holiday themed story or moment in your life that means more to you than almost any other. It could be the first time you ever spoke to Santa as a wide-eyed young child at your local mall or a moment when you watched The Nightmare Before Christmas with your family and/or friends.

The biggest argument against getting a holiday tattoo is that it’s only relevant for a limited amount of time each year, but is that really true? Are your memories or the immense joy you feel during the holidays limited to a small stretch of time? Of course not!

Why do you think the whole idea of Christmas in July exists? It actually had nothing to do with seasonal differences. The occasion was first celebrated in 1933 by Camp Keystone, a girl’s summer camp in North Carolina.

The holidays are enjoyable and pleasing to think about throughout the year. Having a holiday themed tattoo is a great way to inadvertently bring joy and a smile to a lot of people’s faces all year long. Having a holiday tattoo is like capturing a piece of the holiday spirit and making it eternal.

We could all use a bit more holiday cheer throughout the year. Get a holiday tattoo today and start bring yearlong joy to people all over the world tomorrow.

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