Game-changer! Introducing the Helios Rotary Pen

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The NEW Helios Rotary Pen is COMING SOON and this innovative tattoo machine is already taking the world of professional tattooing by storm. From its first mention on social media late last year, artists have been lining up to get a hold of this powerful new tool. The Helios Rotary Pen’s sleek form and interchangeable cartridge system is the first of its kind, portable, comfortable, and fully adjustable. Artists from around the world have been making a switch to the Helios Rotary Pen and giving sensational reviews about how it has been exceeding their expectations. The Helios Rotary Pen is the ideal tattoo machine for large & small black and grey work, soft shading, fine line/detail work, and soft color techniques.

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 – What makes the Helios Rotary Pen so different?

The Helios rotary pen is CNC machined from premium aircraft-grade aluminum in Europe. With a weight of only 3.17oz., you will have an incredibly lightweight feel, with perfect balance. The fully adjustable needle stroke allows the machine to be used as a liner or a shader, giving complete control of needle depth from 0 – 2.5mm, making Helios the equivalent of a short-stroke machine. The quiet but powerful German-made motor runs at a speed of 8,000 – 13,000 RPM, and is compatible with most standard power supplies.

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The Helios Rotary Pen is designed for use with Helios Tattoo Needle Cartridges. Although several brands of cartridges have been tested with the pen, they do not guarantee optimal performance if you use the Helios Rotary Pen with another brand of needle cartridge.

Helios Needle Box7 Mag Curved - RED

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How can you get your hands on one?

ORDER NOW: You can place your order now at [button color=”green” size=”small” link=”” target=”blank” ][/button] or through a Helios authorized supplier. You can find a list of authorized suppliers on the Helios website.

—  This state of the art tattoo machine is for Professional Tattoo Artists only!  —

Helios is working with some of the most renowned companies and artists in the world of professional tattooing, including these fine members of the Helios Pro Team: from InkMaster – Halo Jankowski, plus artists like Tony Rodriguez, Andres Hurtado, Paul Talbot, Krist Karloff, Chris Toler, Mias del la Cruz, Ivo Stankov, Nathan Burton Phillips and many, many more coming soon!

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