The History of the Mom and Heart Tattoo

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These tattoos are one of the most personal ways to express the love you have for your mother and the gratitude you feel towards her. Apart from giving birth to a child, mothers nurture, protect and make sacrifices for their children throughout their lives. This natural attachment is felt by everyone, regardless of nationality, race, status or religion, and some people make the highly personal decision to ink it permanently on their body as a permanent reminder of gratitude.

These tattoos vary greatly in design and style, and sometimes are tattooed with other meaningful symbols to add to the aesthetics. The most common Mom-Heart tattoo incorporates some sort of symbol (normally a heart design), with the words, Mom, Mum, or Mother written on a ribbon across the heart. Other symbols this tattoo design may accompany depends on the personal experience of the one getting the tattoo and what they find meaningful. The most common choices are diamonds, pearls, wings and fire. Some even choose to go with butterflies or work their mothers’ favorite flowers into the tattoo design.

The History of the Mother and Heart Tattoo

It’s believed the first person to tattoo his mother’s name across the chest was an old Irish Sailor. He started this cherished tattooed design with a heart and saber, as well as the memory of a sailor’s song that he sung, “Kissed me darling mother”. This classic heart and mom banner is now, perhaps the most famous and widely loved tribute tattoo.

Honor your Mom

When it comes down to it, the design of the mother and heart tattoo doesn’t really matter. What matters is the sentiment one decides to put into it. The sentimental element can be one of your mother’s favorite things, like her favorite quote, her birthstone, or simply, her favorite flower.

Often tattooed along with the Swallow bird, banners, a favorite flower, or a quote, think hard and have your tattoo artist design something really special to tattoo alongside it. It’s even better if you can ask you mom to select the tattoo style to make it more meaningful.

Ashes and Ink

On a rather sensitive note, some people even choose to have ashes of their loved ones added to their tattoo ink, which is directly put under your skin to perhaps make the most personal tattoo one can imagine.If you decide to opt for this, find an artist that can honor and respect the request you will make. Only then, should you act on this decision.

If your mother happens to be against permanent body art, you can rest assured that she won’t have a problem if you get an old school vintage tattoo to honor her. Given this tattoo’s colorful, vivid, and classical design, it befits anyone getting it. If you’re itching to get a new tattoo, then look no further than the mother and heart tattoos, as the inspiration for it is already deeply rooted in your heart.


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