Travel Tattoos that Take the World with You

Many of us have adventurous spirits, innate desires to explore as many unique parts of the world as we can. Unfortunately, the financial reality that such travel requires often leaves many of us stuck in place more often than not  – making the few times we actually get to travel significant experiences.

Most people choose to use either postcards or souvenirs to remind them of their explorations around the globe, but these reminders are inherently flawed. At best, these items are placed around your home and used as conversation pieces for first time visitors, but before long they become background items your eyes glide over without recognition. At worst, they’re thrown in a box somewhere and forgotten.

Travel tattoos are one of the best ways to take your travel experiences with you. Whether it’s a map you use as a checklist – coloring the places you’ve visited as you make your way around Europe or somewhere else – or a postcard-esque rendition of a particular location, a tattoo will last a lot longer and remind you of your times in a faraway place much better than any sort of memorabilia you cart back home.

You don’t necessarily have to use travel tattoos for the expressed purpose of remembrance either. Maybe you’re one of the fortunate few living the exploratory life in full and simply want to display your adventurous nature for all to see. Many modern adventurers get tattoos of airplanes and compasses, showing off their preferred method of travel and sense of direction.

Adventurers looking to get their own travel tattoos should definitely check out the gallery below for inspiration. You’ll find plenty of ways to both keep track of your travels and convey your beloved mobile nature to friends, family and passersby alike.





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