Food Tattoos to Think About

Most newbies are told to think about getting something that means a lot to them when getting a tattoo, but not many people think about food. It’s a little odd, isn’t it? We need food to survive, over the course of our lifetime we spend more time eating than doing just about anything else, and the type of food we choose to consume can elicit hour long conversations with spouses and loved ones. Food is important in everyone’s life, even if they’re not a foodie or food connoisseur.

The importance of food in our lives is clearly understood on a subconscious level. Idioms, phrases, and various other forms of universal truths and sayings have been tied to food over the centuries. Restaurants and food product manufacturers have left us with a plethora of food-based mascots and imagery that has been seared into our brains along with catchy jiggles and slogans. There’s so much inspiration for food-based tattoo designs that it can be overwhelming to pick one that’s right for you.

The ten pictures in the gallery below are a nice starting point for anyone looking to get a food tattoo.  You could go with something a bit zany, like the super cheesy pizza slice, or something realistic like the portrait of a perfect burger. Maybe you want to make a statement, like “Death before Decaf”, or have fun with food-based wordplay like “stud muffin.”

Food tattoos are an idea that’s gaining popularity, but they also aren’t considered by the majority of tattoo enthusiasts simply because other options tend to be brought to light first. The next time you’re looking at getting at tattoo, maybe think about something food-based. After all, without your favorite yummy treats, you wouldn’t be able to get any of the tattoos you have today.

Eli Falconette


Shaun Flinn



Aaron Bowholtz



Matt Wear






Matt Preiner



Nick Dillard





Brynn Sladky



Paul Black Isa

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