10 Reasons Tattoo Artists Should Use Booker

Booker is the single most important tool a tattoo studio owner can integrate into daily operations to assure ongoing success.  Booker is easy-to-use software that provides the tools you need to connect and engage with local consumers in search of your services.

One of the biggest challenges facing  tattoo businesses is acquiring new customers.  With Booker, the marketing software is built-in and you have the power to expand your reach, streamline the booking process, control your inventory, and manage your studio with automated ease.

Below are our Top 10 Reasons to Use Booker in YOUR Tattoo Studio

  1. Booking Features. The calendar is the heartbeat of any tattoo studio.  Booker’s studio calendar makes it easy to manage appointments, track client information and collect deposits from one device.Booker-Booking-Page
  2. Social Promotion. Publish coupons, specials, or information about guest artists to a variety of social platforms from one device. Plus, with Booker, you can easily offer gift certificates!Booker-Social-PromotionBooker Gift Certificates
  3. Client Reminder & Thank You Features. Booker can be set up to text or email clients of upcoming appointments to keep your schedule tight and efficient. You can also send thank you notes after appointments or sales to keep the customer connected to your brand before and after their visit.
  4. Enforce Cancellation Policies. Booker’s credit card encryption system helps you enforce cancellation policies with ease. When a client doesn’t show, you can charge their card automatically without ever compromising their security or leaving it in the hands of an artist or receptionist.
  5. Merchant Processing. If you’re selling goods in your studio, Booker connects directly with your merchant processing account, enabling your staff to sell products on the spot. The sale remains connected to the customer so you always know who’s spending money in your business.


  1. Referral Tracking. Referrals are the life blood for tattoo artists, but months and years can pass between referrals from various clients. Booker’s software allows you to note how every client found you and who referred them.  You can run reports to see which clients or marketing efforts are driving the most new customers through your front door.
  2. Inventory Management. Studio managers can track supplies and utilize systems that make it possible for staff to check out inks, needles and any other items with ease. Artists who have their own supplies in a studio can track them with Booker to make sure the costs related to giving a tattoo are accounted for and the appointment is as profitable as possible. Studio managers can also run reports to audit supply usage against client services, thus, reducing or eliminating employee pilfering and waste.Booker-Inventory-Management
  3. Security Levels. As a studio owner, you may want your studio manager to have full access to all features, but the receptionist might only need limited access for scheduling and reminder creation purposes. With Booker, you gain total control of your business’ information and can decide who has access to what information.
  4. The Booker Marketing Network. Booker is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and many other online social media services like Yelp and Google+.  Take pictures and automatically send them to your favorite sites to share what’s going on in your studio. You can even allow customers to make appointments directly through your Facebook Page, Yelp profile, or other social media platforms while requiring them to pay the deposit in advance!
  5. Booker’s Reports. There’s an old saying in business, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Booker allows you to manage your studio, staff schedules, client appointments, inventory, sales, marketing, etc. from one easy-to-use source. With over 100 available reports, you’re never blindsided by what you don’t know.  It’s all made instantly available at your fingertips.


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