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 Helios Tattoo is proud to sponsor this TAM Artist Spotlight interview with Halo Jankowski. Easily one of the most recognizable tattoo artists in the world today (following his stint on Spike TV’s long-running Ink Master tv show in season 4), Halo transcends the typical tv-personality status usually associated with artists who have ‘been on tv’ because he’s actually a really GOOD tattooer! And that matters a LOT more than people realize. It’s way more important to get a tattoo from someone who’s good than from someone who’s ‘famous’. Halo Jankowski just happens to be both! 

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Featured Artist: Halo Jankowski 

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We caught up with Halo recently and asked him some questions about his time on Ink Master, how he got into tattooing, his life, career and plans for the future:

First off, thanks to Helios for making this interview happen. It’s really refreshing to see this new symbiosis in the tattoo world- there are so many artists out there on social media every day showing support & sharing the companies they believe in, but it’s even more refreshing to find the good, quality companies who are doing the same thing- showcasing and promoting the artists who actually buy and use their products. So, real quick- I know you use their needles and the Helios Rotary Pen tattoo machine; how are these tools affecting your art & would you recommend them to other professionals? halo20 (2)

Absolutely! When it comes to needle cartridges, I’ve tried them all, and they’ve all felt very rickety. No one even came close until I was introduced to Helios. They are the first company to make a great quality needle and actually took into consideration artists’ needs. The machine that I have from them is incredible, too. I’m so thankful to have been introduced to them and you can really see it in my tattoos.

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Let’s get to the interesting stuff! First off, how old are you?
I’m 32 years old.

How long have you been tattooing?
Just 11 years.

You know, it’s said that it takes about 10 years of tattooing to really get to the point where you know what you’re doing…so, you’ve accomplished a lot in a relatively short amount of time. How did you get started in tattooing?
Tattooing had always been a big enigma to me. I had always seen crappy tattoos that my friends had and I thought they were ok… but I was never interested in getting many. EVERY shop in my area was just “pick it off the wall, get it here or there” I had seen the same exact tattoos on friends of mine, but there were never tattoos that blew my mind. Until I had seen tattoos of the likes of Nick Baxter and Bob Tyrrell. Seeing those in person made me go,”WHO DID THAT?!?!” I had only seen bad tattoos, but this?!?! This was before the TV show hype of course, so I had never even been around someone with a good tattoo. That was the turning point that made me feel as though tattooing was an art form that was worth being involved in. I wanted to apprentice so bad it was palpable and almost painful.


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