The Revv – Motorcycles & Tattoos Go Together Like . . . .

The Revv – Motorcycles and Tattoos go Together Like . . .
           –  Bread and butter

           –  Peas and carrots
           – Oil leaks and Harleys (did we go too far with that one?)

image1The Revv is a new social app launched by the app gurus at Plus11.  The Revv app is designed to bring bikers/motorcyclists together in a common, self-regulating community. In The Revv app community, users can post pictures of a common interest, discuss a wide variety of topics from rides, to mechanics and lifestyle, in the apps extensive forums.

In just 6 months, The Revv app is already boasting nearly 75,000 users from all over the world and that number grows daily, as users share the app with their riding friends.

It wasn’t too long after their launch in August 2015, that The Revv team saw that tattoos were a popular subject in the forums and in user posts, thus, making it a natural fit to be featured by Tattoo Artist Magazine.

While there are many motorcyclists who do not have tattoos and likewise, many tattoo collectors do not ride motorcycles, there is a common respect and appreciation for a rebellious attitude, intense music and “brotherhood” style friendships that are hallmarks in both communities.

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The reviews for the app are strong and users seem to zero in on a couple of key benefits of the app over other social media platforms, such as the forums.

The Revv App forums include topics such as:

  • New Riders
  • Best Bikes
  • Scheduled Rides
  • Mechanics
  • Tattoos
  • Gear
  • Wanted & Classified

Just to mention a few . . . .

Plus, forums for just about every Make and Model of bike available.

  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Triumph
  • Victory
  • Yamaha
  • Harley Davidson

Just to mention a few . . . .

Top Three Reasons Users Love The Revv

  1. Use of jargon or biker terms. In the app, it seems everyone understands the lingo. Whereas, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, there is always someone who wants an explanation or the random family member who needs to chime in on various posts. The forums and app keep the posts in a niche community.
  2. Limited Guidelines. User do not need to tone down their personalities or language to fit a mixed audience like you have to do on other social platforms. Users are free to be themselves, without censoring themselves for fear of a boss or family member misunderstanding a post.
  3. Self Regulating. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, The Revv app team does not moderate content. While there is a way to report inappropriate content, as a community, the users of the app are typically of like mind, like interests and like language, almost eliminating the need for extreme political correctness that is found on other social forums, which have mixed and diverse audience.

Top Three Favorite Features on The Revv

  1. Zoom Feature – this allows the user to zoom in on a picture to see intricate detail without losing image quality. Very popular in the mechanics forums.
  2. Links are allowed in posts – which is not allowed on Instagram.
  3. Video Support – the app supports up to a 30 second video

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