The World’s 10 Most Tattooed People

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Getting your first piercing or tattoo is a rite of passage for many, but few go as far as these people. The following folk have totally transformed themselves with extreme tattooing, piercing and plastic surgery.From walking animals to real-life jesters, here are the most shocking body alterations EVER.

Paul Lawrence
10. Paul Lawrence (The Enigma)

 Best known as The Enigma, Paul Lawrence is a performer, actor and musician, who has covered all his body with a jigsaw-puzzle tattoo, as well as horn implants, various body piercings and has reshaped his ears. Throughout his life, he has had more than 200 tattoo artists work on him.

Kala Kawai
9. Kala Kawai (The Horned Man)

Kala Kawai owns a body modification studio in Hawaii and as it seems is a regular customer himself. As a result, he has only 25% of natural skin on his body, while the rest is covered with tattoos. He has stretched the holes in his earlobes to 4 inches, inserted various silicon implants on his head, can screw metal spikes into the top of his skull and has a split tongue. Also worth bearing in mind is that he split his own tongue using dental floss and did all his own piercings.


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