Audrey Kawasaki Inspired Tattoos

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Contemporary art lovers are probably familiar with Audrey Kawasaki. The LA based artist has mastered the art of the contradiction. Her work is both innocent and erotic and each subject attractive, yet disturbing.  The figures she paints are seductive and contain an air of melancholy. These allusive young women captivate you with their hypnotic stares and sultry charm. Her heroines are ethereal young girls, innocent yet slightly erotic and connected with Nature. Each of them seems to be a mythological nymph, a magic fairy ready to bewitch you with her peaceful and troubling look… Audrey Kawasaki a lot of pastels on wood canvases. Her designs are really coveted for tattoos and many talented artists have taken up the challenge of Audrey Kawasaki inspired tattoos…We have scoured the net looking for the best Audrey Kawasaki inspired ink out there, which one do you think best embodies her vision?

Csaba at Chronic Ink
Ink by: Csaba at Chronic Ink


Tattoo By: @resa_hearts

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