Unbelievably Bizare Body Modifications

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Tattoos can serve a lot of purposes. They can provide unique body art by which someone can express themselves, they can give back someone control of their body by covering up unwanted scars, and they can serve to enhance forms of body modification to give people an entirely new identity.

Body modifications, piercing and whatnot, tend to go hand-in-hand with tattoos. People willing to get what others view as “extraneous” forms of body modification often also like to get tattoos to further express themselves.

We here at Tattoo Artist Magazine don’t judge. We find unique forms of self-expression fascinating and wonderful, but it’s hard not to see some forms of body modification and not think it to be bizarre. The gallery below is dedicated to the strange, to people who have chosen to get body modification that most others simply can’t wrap their heads around.

We have no idea why someone would want to split their tongue in two or have a large hole in the side of their mouth, but, if nothing else, the gallery below shows that such desires do exist. These are modifications you have to see to believe, and they certainly won’t soon be forgotten.

Have you been looking for that unique idea that’ll set you apart from your friends and family, showing off your personality and ideals in a single glimpse? Maybe these pictures will ignite the inspiration and determination you need to finally get that somewhat odd modification you’ve always wanted. Why not?

The worst thing you can do is not be true to yourself. If anything, take a lesson of courage from the brave souls depicted below. They pursued their ideal self-image. Have you pursued yours?






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