The 25 Best Tattoo Sayings

There are hundreds of companies out there that put some of these slogans on their t-shirts; some are all over tattoo studios walls, others are floating around as meme’s on the web but some of these we came up with ourselves. Which ones do you vote for?


  1. Tattoos – Size Does Matter
  2. It’s all about the pain, the ink is just a souvenir!
  3. Sorry, I only like boys with tattoo’s
  4. Yes they hurt, no I will not regret them
  5. The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.
  6. Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.
  7. Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.
  8. There’s no crying in tattooing
  9. To Ink or not to Ink..stupid question
  10. Diamonds were a girls best friend, until tattoos.
  11. Tattooed & Employed
  12. Ink is thicker than blood
  13. Tattoos are permanent and a lifelong commitment, the same as
  14. Tattoo is not a four letter word
  15. Tattoos are forever
  16. Love may not last forever but tattoos do
  17. I am wearable art
  18. If the body is a temple, why not decorate the walls?
  19. I am thankful for the freedom to get the tattoos that express me and the ability to ignore those who judge me by them
  20. No Regrets
  21. No pain no gain
  22. My tattoos aren’t nearly as offensive as your staring
  23. People with tattoos are way more fun to see naked
  24. Yes I have tattoos, ask me if I give a shit what you think
  25. Tattoos are like potato chips, you can’t just have one



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