Six Animalistic Tattoos

It doesn’t matter whether one accepts it or not, there is a natural affinity between human beings and animals. This is the reason why many people feel more comfortable around animals than they do around other people. Animals and people have evolved together.  In many cultures certain animals are sacred while in a different culture that same animal is domesticated.

Animal tattoos have been popular for centuries.  Some animals are chosen because they represent something unique and specific to the wearer and others are chosen because they have a more universal meaning. As we are about to find out, there are countless ideas when it comes to animal tattoos. These tattoos are rendered rather realistically, and sometimes incorporate old school, tribal or water colors to the overall artistic elements of the design.

When it comes to the placement of animal tattoos, they can be inked anywhere on the body and usually, they are placed according to the preference of an individual getting the tattoo. In this blog, we are going to share the work of some of the most talented artists out there. Prepare to be blown away by the rawness of these creative minds. If you wish to follow the work they do, their names and Instagram handles are given below.

Johnny Wogan @jwotattoo


A sinister tattoo of a snake wrapped up around a razor with a flowery background. It brings to mind that beauty can only exist with sacrifice. Johnny Wogan is a family man and a tattoo artist at High Noon Tattoo Studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

Adam Hays @adamguyhays


A tattoo of a humming bird restricted by thread and brutally pierced with a needle. Adam Guy Hays works in NYC at the Red Rocket Tattoo Studio.

Jeff Srsic @jeffsrsic


A shoulder tattoo bearing a wolf with impeccable level of detail fused with geometric design.

David Bruehl @davidbruehl


Two of the most elaborate animal tattoos drawn down to the minutest details. Awe-inspiring art by David Bruehl who is from Tampa, Florida.

Timothy Hoyer @timothyhoyer


Both a painter and a tattoo artist from Brooklyn, Timothy Hoyer has been tattooing since 1988 and is greatly admired for his contributions to the art form over the years. This fusion of four different animals in a single back tattoo is graceful.

Tymur Denysenko @tymurdenysenko


Last, but not the least, this piece of work by Tymur Denysenko uses the most vibrant combination of colors to yield a result that is captivating and powerful.



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