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STOP! Take a moment and look around. What do you see? Chances are you see a variety of products and items that have been purchased to make your life easier or that you value in some way. Take toilet paper for example. We all value it and it makes our lives easier, and generally speaking when we run out of it we go to the store and buy more. Studies have shown that consumers as a whole will continue to stay loyal to the brands they identify with and those who add value to their lives. Brand tattoos are definitely a bold and permanent statement that comunicate in a split second who you affiliate with, where your values may lay, even what social group you belong to. When it comes to showing their unwavering support for a brand, few loyalists represent harder then VW ( Volkswagen ) owners. There are some awesome VW tattoos that really showcase the brand.

Tattoo By: Dominik Dagger

Tattoo By: Cory Sall

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