Artist Spotlight – Georgia Grey

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Georgia Grey @georgia_grey12

Georgia Grey @georgia_grey

There are of course plenty and today we’re covering one of the most talented female tattoo artists in North America – Georgia Grey. She specializes in watercolor and illustrative designs and, as her namesake suggests, has a traditional American tattooing background. She works out of Big Bang Tattoo in New York City alongside fifteen of some of the most talented tattoo artists in the business.

According to her bio page on Big Bang’s website, Georgia believes, “Every day is a new painting waiting to happen on someone’s skin.” Her passion and artistry shines through with each tattoo she designs and is made readily available in the gallery below.

If you find yourself in New York City and are looking for a unique tattoo by one of the most talented artists in the business, look up Big Bang Tattoo and try to book Georgia if you can.


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Georgia Grey @georgia_grey1

Georgia Grey @georgia_grey2

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