Artist Spotlight – Rember Orellana

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Rember orellana @rember_tattoos14

Rember Orellana @rember_tattoos

Rember Orellana never thought he’d wind up working as a tattoo artist. He started working as an amateur boxer for a couple years before becoming a wrestler for six. He always loved to draw and paint though. In 2007 a friend of his suggested he look into tattooing, and Orellana hasn’t looked back since.

Orellana is an all-around artist. Looking for a portrait realism design? He can do that. Want something more abstract? He can do that too. He doesn’t tie himself to any one specialty and switches up his styles on a tat-by-tat basis. His quality and ability never falters, making him an excellent choice for anyone looking to get any kind of tattoo imaginable.

He’s based out of Dallas, Texas but travels often while trying to make an appearance at every tattoo show and convention he can. If you get a chance to have him tattoo something for you, we highly suggest you take advantage of the opportunity.

Dallas, TX.

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