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Timmy B @timmy_b_4130

Timmy B @timmy_b_413

Timmy B started tattooing in 2005, but not in the traditional sense some would assume. He didn’t undergo an apprenticeship. Instead, Timmy started his tattoo career by working out of other people’s kitchens and participating in tattoo parties every weekend he could. He used a toaster oven as an autoclave and scrubbed tubes bare-handed.

He couldn’t find a shop that would take him under their wing so, determined to start learning how to tattoo, Timmy B bothered a kitchen magician tattoo artist for months until he finally agreed to hire Timmy for $100 a day, with parties often running up to 12 hours.

Timmy specializes in a blend of realism and new school art styles, which you can see characterized in his work that’s featured throughout this gallery. He works out of Tattoo Afterlife, also known as NiteOwl Tattoo, in downtown Northampton, MA on the corner of Pleasant and Pearl St. 

NiteOwl Tattoo

Northampton Massachusetts

IG –

Timmy B @timmy_b_4131

Timmy B @timmy_b_4132

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